I was sleeping from 6p.m until midnight I saw the light, so I opened my eyes and I saw my room door was opening slowly, so I wake up and I saw my sister with her suffering face expression. She asked me to take her go to clinic, so I just do that. Inside the car I asked what happen? She said her stomach is very pain until cannot tahan. She is studying nursing course for more than 2 years already, so I guess she know very well what is happening to her stomach, so I asked "is it 生盲肠?or you want to poo is it?", she answered "no, it is hurt at near stomach area at the back there, seem it is kidney pain. I worry there are stones in my kidney". Then I said, then how can clinic can do operation to take out the stones? You must go hospital. She said she also not sure it is stones in kidney or not, so go to clinic check first. I fetched her to the clinic that near to her boyfriend's house, her boyfriend meet us at the clinic. Then she go pee in the toilet and she realize her pee has some blood. So sure it is stones on kidney already, so we don't want to wait for the queue in clinic anymore, I asked the reception cancel the appointment.

Then her boyfriend drive us to General Hospital. We took number in General hospital and I phone my dad to inform him about my sister's situation because maybe cannot go home for few weeks or month because need to do operation and stay in hospital. After 20 minutes, my dad arrived and we are still queuing wait for the number call, we wait for very long because many patients there. My sister went to the toilet in GH hospital for 2 times and she said her pee is fresh blood already, she keep want to pee because the blood keep fill up her bladder. My dad said after wait for the number to check her, later still need to wait for another number for doing operation. We cannot wait anymore, so we decided go to Lam Wah Ee private hospital. My father ride his motocycle go Lam Wah Ee and her bf fetched her and me go with his MyV car. He open emergency light on his car and drove extremely fast, we reach Lam Wah Ee earlier than my dad, haha.

Lam Wah Ee hospital service is very inconvenient for us. We need to walk long way to another department to register my sister. Then walk long way back to reception to get the number, then need to sit there to wait for the number call. After 15 minutes, doctor call her go into the room to check her, me and my dad also go into the room, and her bf stay outside cannot go into the room. The doctor say later will ask the nurse help her check her blood, and then need to wait until next morning only can do x-ray to check inside her kidney. The doctor asked her want to stay in hospital or want to go home tonight? My sister replied "stay in hospital". My sister and the doctor know each other before, lol. So, we wait outside, wait for the nurses prepare everything. and my dad ride his motobike go home to take my sister's handphone, charger, laptop, cloth, tooth brush, water bottle for her, left me and her bf stay with her to wait for the nurse. After 10 minutes, the nurse call her go into the room and only she can enter the room. After 15 minutes, she came out from the room and she told us she got injected to suck out her blood to check her blood, and she got injected the pain-killer on her ass, haha. She said her kidney is no longer pain but her ass is very pain. She also got injected on her hand for the hanging grape water (吊葡萄水), because she cannot eat food before do surgery, so must feed grape water to solve her hanger. So she totally get 3 injections inside the room just now, haha. If for me, I will not stay in hospital because I worry get injection. I hate injection!!!

after 15 minutes, my dad arrive and we are still waiting the nurse call us to get the medicine + pay fee + register room. After 10 minutes, the nurse call us go to another department to register the room. I heard the counter said there are 3 types of room. Room for single person is cost RM350, room for 2 person shared is cost RM150, and room for 5 person shared is cost RM25 only, my mother said more people is more safe because if anything happen, can ask help from other, so we choose RM25 per day that 1, haha. My dad also paid RM400 for deposit too. Then we wait for around 10 minutes, the nurse bring us to the room at 1st floor. Then we all back home, left my mom stay there only. Actually her bf want to stay there but my mom always disagree my sister date with him, so it is better he don't stay there, else my mom will argue again. My sister is 20 years-old already, why still cannot have bf? Stupid mom, too conservation, over care her daughter already.

Anyway, I went to google search what causing kidney stones, and how to prevent it since I worry I will get it too, I am no gut person, I don't want do surgery and I scare of pain!!! So it is better for me to do prevention for kidney stones. Kidney stones will happen if we drink too less water or we eat too much calcium (calcium salts, mainly calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate). It mean if the water in urine is not enough to dissolve the salt, then the salt will become a stone. This is good website that has the information of kidney stones : http://www.medicinenet.com/kidney_stone/article.htm

Posted by Zac1987 on 11 October, 2010


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