Today I went to post office to send 50 pieces facial masks to 1 of my customer by Post Laju, I got shock when it said the post laju postage fee is RM21.50. I though it will be just around RM10 only. Sad. Next time I will use Post Express to send the things if the things are too heavy. I regret that I didn't use 2 x RM7 of Post Express box for the 50 pieces of masks. If I use post express, I will save RM7.50 (RM21.50 - RM14 = RM7.50).

I am running e-commerce business for quite long time already, import products from oversea and sell them to Malaysia through the Internet. Pictures below shows some of my post laju receipt and pos express receipt :

I am going to share some of my knowledge to you. 1st, Post Laju count the fee based on the the weight, minimum weight fee is RM5.67 for West Malaysia and RM8.90 for East Malaysia, the fee of Post Laju will be increased a lot while the weight of the goods is heavier. For example, I post 1 to 10 pieces of facial mask just cost me RM5.67 post laju fee, but it cost me RM18 when I post 50 pieces of facial masks. Post Express count the fee based on the size of Post Express box : RM3, RM3.50, RM4.50, RM6 and RM7. RM3 is the smallest box, and RM7 is the biggest box. So, if I want to post 50 pieces of facial masks, I can but two of RM7 post express box to put them in and send.

If you want to use Post Laju to send the thing, you need to use an envelop or a box to keep the thing. If you using box to keep the thing, you need to wrap the box with brown color mahjong paper (you can buy the paper from Popular bookshop). If you don't plan to spend money to buy envelop and box to keep the things, you can go to post office at Komtar to get a free post laju plastic beg to wrap the things.

Post Laju and Post Express are same speed, post to day and receive tomorow or day after tomorow except Sunday.

In penang, all other post office close the Post Laju service at 3p.m, but for Post office at Jalan Victoria at Jeti there will close the Post Laju service at 6p.m.

Posted by Zac1987 on 19 October, 2010


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