This is for Malaysia country only. There are 3 different ways to check Summon :
1 - Sms Police Saman (your identity card number or car plat number) to 15888. You will receive the reply sms after 1 or 2 hours. It will charge you RM0.20 to receive the sms.

2 - Go to Picture below demonstrate the website shows me the summon that i got :

3 - Go to to start the process
* Please register with the website if you are a first time user
* Login with your username and password
* Navigate the top menu by clicking eServices > JPJ or PDRM
* Select the appropriate link to check and pay your summons online.
I have success did that and picture below shows the website show me the summon that I got :

There are two types of summon, 1 is on-spot-summon which police block you on the road and give you summon ticket. Another 1 is saman ekor which the camera capture your car or the police hide beside the tree use speed tracker and camera to capture your car, then they go to JPJ to check your car plate number to get your house address then post a letter to your house.

I did receive a letter that inform me about I got a summon, so it is saman ekor. Now I have several questions :
1) Do I really need to pay for the summon?
2) Can I get discount even the website show me there is no discount?
3) Go where to pay the summon can get the most discount? normal police station? Main police station?

So I google search for the answers. This forum is quite useful : A guy from the forum said "All saman ekor are to be ignored". It mean we actually don't need to pay for saman ekor.

From this website : A people said "If the summon is issued by MP ( eg.DBKL,MPPJ ) then its ok 4 u 2 ignore it cos i also have tons of those...but if by JPJ/PDRM,u NEED 2 pay it cos that will effect ur road tax renewal". And "If u don't pay up your DBKL summons, u will had difficulty applying for house loan and at kelantan anyone who had summon by MPKBBR and not pay it...masuk mahkamah".
And "check your summon paper
sure there stated the correspondence address
then just do a simple write in with your summon reference no. etc information
then write some reason la, this and that
then send the letter over by pos or wat ever
then wait for their reply
normally u will get a 50% discount". Or "you can go to bukit Aman police station to do "rayuan" to get 50% discount. But, only available on every Tuesday and Thursday. You have to take "q" number from the gate there, then wait until 10 am, go inside the building, look for one inspector to chop ur summon, then u will get 50% discount, then go out to the same place u take ur "q" number just now. Take another number to pay your summon at there".

From this website :, a people said "speeding is also one of the summon that cannot be discount..
there is total of 7 summons that cannot be discount at all..not even rayuan or datuk sign can make the rayuan for u..
run through red lights..(kena and comfirm no discount)
accident..(kena and comfirm no discount also)
speeding..(kena but i can't remember..i think no discount also)
using emergency lane..(kena and no discount for this also)
didn't wear seat belt..(kena and no discount for this also)
and the rest i kind of forget already..
all those no discount summons are those mistake u act which is in ur speeding..running through red lights..but if they got those police summon discount fair..yes..u can have it done there..but on normal day..u cannot have discount". Another guy said "just now i intended to pay at police station. One of the officer ask me to go back to the balai polis where the summon is issued so that i can buat rayuan. Besides, he also said,"boleh tunggu bila dia ada 50%".

I saw there is a people got RM14720.00 summon total since year 2003 until 2010. He said he is not going to pay for the summon, and nothing will happen too, he still can renew the roadtax and still can renew this driving license, he still can drive his car, and police won't go catch him.

Saman ekor without blacklist still can be ignore, don't need to pay money for it. But if you receive saman ekor with blacklist, you must pay for it and if you don't pay for it, you will need to go court and your can't renew your driving license and roadtax. According to This page :, he said "There are 650,000 traffic offenders had been blacklisted".

In conclusion, do I think I need to pay for my RM200 saman ekor? Yes, I think it is better I pay it, since I don't want to get blacklisted. When will I pay it? I will reply the letter (fill in my name, address, Identity card number, phone number) by tomorrow, because if I don't reply the letter before 23 October 2010, I will get another punishment. Then I will print out the screen shot of rilek website that shows my summon, bring that screen shot picture to nearest police station to ask for discount, if they said cannot discount, then I will just pay RM200 there. I guess they will ask me wait for the next summon discount promotion on 1 or 2 month later or they will ask me go to Bukit Aman police station to apply "rayuan".

On 21 October 2010, I replied the saman letter, using Post Express to send back the letter to Bukit Aman police station :

Then I drove to post office to put the Post Express envelop into the yellow box :

Posted by Zac1987 on 19 October, 2010


  1. Zac Said,

    Too many people go to the two websites to check summon recently because got 50% discount promotion. Too many http request from the website server so the server is down. Or they might running out of bandwidth. SMS feature also server down. Malaysia government service is really suck. ZZZZ. If you can't wait for the server on back, you can bring your Identity card and driving license go to police station to check your summon. Good luck :)

    Posted on 9:52 AM, March 01, 2011

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Who is this Tan Choon Chye which is mentioned to be contacted for discount?

    Posted on 11:28 AM, May 15, 2011

  3. Zac Said,

    an agent la of course

    Posted on 11:32 AM, May 15, 2011

  4. Wio Ckh Said,

    What it meant in the first one "Police Saman"?
    Is it including all of the summons or just the summons from only police?

    Posted on 5:25 PM, July 25, 2012

  5. 熙小琦 Said,

    Hi...may i ask.. If the police block me beside the road and the caught me said that i potong trip on double line. Then theh copy my ic . They said wait them to sent the summons to my house. Is that possible? Im still p liciense.
    Coz they blocking me dont let me go in the right lane to turn right.. They follow my speed. Aftrr that they blocked me.
    Reply me at my email..thx....

    Posted on 5:57 PM, July 16, 2013

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    Posted on 5:33 PM, October 21, 2014

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