This morning I woke up and my legs are very itchy. I keep scratching until many red dots shown up. Then I realize my arms also very itchy but not that serious as my legs. I worry it is chicken pop or dengi or measles. I applied Melaleuca lotion and Melaleuca oil on my legs and arm but seem it didn't cure them. The picture below shows the red dots on my legs :

So at night around 9p.m I went to a Clinic to see doctor at Air-itam beside 7-Eleven. There are many patients there, I just sit there and wait for the number call. I saw many posters on the wall. 1 of the poster is about bacteria effected on skin, there are many types of red dots photos on the poster and I think the red dots on my leg is similar to 1 of them. So I release now, I think my case is not chicken pop or dengi or measles, it is just bacteria effected. The doctor give me two packs of pills to eat, and 1 bar of cream to apply on skin. I need to eat 3 pill at morning and 3 pill at night. Below pictures show the pills and cream :

The pills that cure itchiness is named as Hismazine, this website got the info about Hismazine : The pills that cure Allergic is named as prednisolone, this website has the info about Prednisolone :

I am about 1 year didn't went to clinic already. Just now I was so surprise that the clinic has so many products like lost weight and gain weight products, products for curing lost hair, collagen to cure winkles, products to enhance man sex, and chemical peeling for skin scars. The clinic is like a beauty center, haha.

Picture above shows that my legs are not recovery yet but getting worse after 2 days!!! The medicine is not working? Perhaps I need to continue eat the medicine for another 4 days then only can recovery? ISH. I forget to ask the doctor what is the factor to cause this? I don't think it is my shoes since my biceps on my both hands got this. Seriously I want to know the factor so that I can prevent it happen next time.

Posted by Zac1987 on 17 October, 2010


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