Blogger uses pagination feature to limit the numbers of post displaying on our blog main page, it can help blogger server saves million of hours of page loading time per week (saving the bandwidth).

Normally if your post has more than 15 pictures, the main page of your blog will display 1 post only, your main page will not display 2 posts, because the 1st post already has too many pictures, so if you want to display 20 posts on main page, how? It is simple, you just need to display 1 picture on each post on main page, then add a link "Read More" link on each post. So the visitor just can see there is only 1 picture on the post and if the visitor want to see all the pictures, he can click "Read More" button. A good example is : which success displays 17 posts on main page.

How to make main page display only 1 picture on each post? Simple!!! You just need to add the code <!--more--> after the code of 1st picture. Picture below show you the example :

After type the word <!--more--> on HTML page, then you can check the result by clicking "Compose" button like picture below :

Note that if there is 1 picture above <!--more-->, which mean there will be 1 picture shown on home/main page of your blog. Let's say you show 30 posts on your home/main page, if each of 30 posts has 1 big size picture, so you show a total 30 big size pictures on home/main page, it will cause the page loading speed very slow. So you better resize the the 1st picture of all 30 posts, so your home/main page will load 30 pieces of small size picture, it will faster the page loading speed. Please click here to learn how to resize the pictures on blog post.

Posted by Zac1987 on 14 November, 2010


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