1) How to make the video auto replay non-stop?
Answer : Type "repeat" into the URL before the ".com" on the address bar. For example,

2) How to add time to the video comment?
Answer : use this format 2:33 and don't use 2.33

3) How to share you-tube video to other website with specify the time?
Answer : add #t=2m51s at the end of url.

Blogspot / blogger
1) To show many posts on main page of blogspot, info at here.

2) To resize picture, please follow exactly steps below :
a) Click "HTML" button to go into HTML editor.
b) At the most bottom there type <br/><br/><br/>. (I do this to prevent the new picture codes mix up with my existing codes of the post).
c) Click "Compose" button to go into WYS/WYG editor.
d) Click any empty space at the MOST bottom of the post.
e) Click the "insert image" button > choose file > ctrl + mouse select all the wanted pictures > open > wait for uploading all pictures > add selected (PAY ATTENTION on this state!!! After u click "add selected", you must faster click "HTML" button switch to HTML editor once you see the pictures codes appear on the post. You must not delay to click "HTML" button, if you delay 1 second, the pictures codes will be added extra codes of width=320, height=450, s340, if the extra codes are added, you need to waste a lot of times to delete the extra codes. If you uploaded 10 pictures, you will need to delete 10 x extra codes. OMG! That's why you have to act fast to click "HTML" button switch to HTML page before they adding extra codes).

f) If you success prevent adding extra codes, your codes should look like codes below which doesn't have width=320, height=450, s340. If you see the codes of 1 picture has two of s1600, it mean you have success prevent adding extra codes. If you saw s340 or s640 instead of s1600, it mean you fail to prevent adding extra codes!!! s1600 mean full size, s640 is medium size, s320 is small size, s100 is very small size.
<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" /></a></div>

g) As you can see from the codes above, there are two s1600. The first s1600 is to show full size of picture after the user click the picture. The second s1600 is to show full size of picture appear on your blog post. So if your blogspot layout is smaller, you can change the second s1600 to s600 or s300 or s100.

h) Delete the beginning codes <div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> and the end of codes </div> because they are useless and they show some space between two pictures. The space is wasted.

i) Save the post.

1) If the buyer pay money by bank in, no fee will charged. If the buyer pay money by Paypal, some fee will be charged by Paypal. For example, if a product price is USD100, and paypal charge fee USD3. If I put my product price as USD103 (already include paypal fee). When the buyer click "buy" button, it will cut USD103 from the user paypal account. BUT what if the user want to pay money by bank in? The user will misunderstand that he/she should pay USD103!!! Actually he/she just need to pay USD100 because bank in method doesn't charge any fee!!! So how to solve this problem?
Answer : You create two advertisements. One advertisement is for bank in (price of product must exclude paypal fee), another one advertisement is for paypal (price of products must include paypal fee).

Posted by Zac1987 on 06 October, 2011


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