When you are listening two Gemini are talking to each other, sure you will confuse and you will not understand what are they talking about.

It's because they always skip all step 1, step 2, step 3, and direct say the conclusion. Moreover, they always use different way to tell what they want to tell. Furthermore when two Gemini are talking to each other, they like to challenge the intelligent between each other, they always come out with very complicated / creative / special / harder idea to beat the opponent's idea, to show off they are clever than each other. So if you are listening to two Gemini are talking to each other, you might feel very confusing about what are they talking about.

Case 1 :
I'm a Gemini. A friend asked me "Vietnam girls nice or not"? I replied him "you are just asking whether or not if all men know how to play basketball"? He dun understand what i am talking about. I was just using different way to tell him that he is asking a stupid question.

Case 2 :
Just now a Gemini girl said "I don't want to bath because scare of cold". Her friend replied "bath with hot water". She said "The hot water is due to the weather". Her friend don't understand what she mean, so I went to explain it to her friend "she mean her house doesn't have water heater, hot weather is the only way to heat her water, LOL". Here you can see she skipped step 1 and direct tell the conclusion.

Posted by Zac1987 on 16 December, 2010


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