I have a lot of things to blog past few days ago but I didn't have time to do it. I worry I will forget all the things that I wanted to blog before, so I wrote a note to remind myself all the things that I wanted to blog. Here is my note :
chinese website url
eel restaurant
rabbit urine black
kind person helping video
45 minutes count down
fb page default landing tab
malaysia 1 2 close fb
watching skyline
a picture worth rm1500
copy right email
copy right picture cost rm600 for 70 years
streamyx slow 22 hours
blogger consider my new members' blog is spam
my new signature for website
Signature on email.

The note above shows the things that I want to blog about pass few days ago. So now I am going to blog them all. Are you ready???!!
On 14th December 2010, A friend told me that she went to Shinjuku (A Japanese restaurant) ate unagi at RM20.80. I wondering what is unagi, she told me it might be eel, so I google search what is unagi and eel, I got shock, it is like a snake!! She ate snake!!! OMG. LOL. Here are the conversation between me and her : http://www.plurk.com/p/9kicvl and http://www.plurk.com/p/9kirq1.

Picture above shows My rabbit urine is black color!!! My rabbit litter tray plastic beg got a small hole, so the urine of my rabbit is leaked out to the floor from the small hole. I misunderstand my rabbit is naughty pee on the floor, but 1 thing I feel weird is why his urine is black color? So I wend to check it out and I realize the plastic beg of his litter tray has a small hole, when he pee on top the litter tray, the litter tray contain the sand to absorb his urine to remove the smell. I guess the sand is the factor that make the urine become black color. I was busy on rushing developing a website that time, so I didn't have time to clean my rabbit cage. I promised my rabbit will clean it tomorrow.

On 15th December 2010, My rabbit legs touching the black urine, it was so dirty, so I decided to take him go bath, I use gold color Sunsilk shampoo to bath him, I bathed his whole body, his whole body was wet, haha. I know it is not good for rabbit bath, I even got the sprayer to clean rabbit body, but I didn't use the sprayer because he was too dirty until I need to use shampoo to bath him. Anyway, this is 1st time I bathed my rabbit with water since he live with me for 2 years already. It was an accident actually, if the plastic beg of the litter tray didn't has a hole, he won't be so dirty and I won't need to bath him with shampoo. Picture below shows the after my rabbit bathed with the shampoo :

I did want to use hair dryer to blow him after bathed, but I cannot find a hair dryer in my house. So I just use towel to rub him, the towel can absorb 60% water on his fur only. He need to lick his fur by himself to make his fur 100% complete dry. I went to clean his cage while he is licking to dry his fur. He spend around 30 minutes to lick his fur and I spend 30 minutes to complete clean his cage. Picture below shows the clean cage with my clean rabbit after the 30 minutes :

I watched a freaking cool video from my friend's fb wall, it is about Parkour running and jumping everywhere :

I watched a very inspiration video which is talking about how to be a kind person by helping people :

Now only I know the word "PS" can mean a lot of things. It can mean Photoshop, Plastic Surgery, Please See, Pai Seh (it mean shy in hokian).

Recently the news of a Facebook user killed himself because of sadness about his gf broken up with him. He post message count down 45 minutes on his facebook wall before he killed himself. What funny was... when my friend said "I am sad, FML", then I replied her "You should post message count down 34 minutes onto your facebook wall". HAHAHA... Here is the reference : http://www.plurk.com/p/9ki0v4.

I have learn "Default Landing Tab" feature in Facebook page. Those people who click "Like" button on your page BEFORE you change the "Default Landing Tab", they will not see the change, they will be landed on Wall tab as default. For those who click the "Like" button on your page AFTER you changed the "Default Landing Tab", they will see the change.

I saw a shocking news that Malaysia is going to block Facebook website because a lot of keyboard warriors said bad things about Malaysia, spoil the image of Malaysia in Facebook website. Furthermore, a Facebook user kill himself so Malaysia government feel Facebook is 1 of the factor that causing him to kill himself. Moreover another stupid Facebook user said that he want to kill himself on 15th December 2010. A lot of Facebook users go to complain him by saying him just want to get famous and asked him go die quickly... Here is the page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/zi-sha-de-hua-qing-shan-yuan-yi-dian-ni-yao-zi-sha-mei-ren-xiang-zhi-dao-ye-mei-ren-zai-hu-ru-guo-ni-xiang-pian-ren-qi-jiu-kuai-qu-si-ba/180556698636897.

I watched SkyLine movie from PPStream at 3a.m on 15 December 2010. Here is the reference : http://www.plurk.com/p/9kjmat

On 16 December 2010, I got shock when I saw a picture is selling at RM1500, It is just a normal picture that can be downloaded everywhere from the Internet. It is crazy. Here is the picture that worth RM1500 : http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/82047645/Brand-X-Pictures.

I did email a company to ask what things I can obtain copy right if I create a social networking website, and I got the reply already. Here is the detail : http://ye5.blogspot.com/2010/12/obtain-copy-right-and-trademark-in.html. In case you don't know, obtain a copy right for a picture for 7 years is cost rm600 only.

This few weeks Streamyx always cap my internet speed. My internet speed is capped from 11a.m morning on 16th December 2010 until next morning 9a.m morning. It is 22 hours speed cap!!! Almost full day I cannot use Internet. Damn Streamyx. If you want to know why and how Streamyx cap our Internet speed, please read this : http://ye5.blogspot.com/2010/11/fix-my-streamyx-slow-connection-problem.html

On 17th December 2010, Too many of my members created same blog to promote their Infinity Downline business, so blogspot admin start consider they are spam, The admin might delete all my new members' blogs. Today is the 1st day blogspot asked me to verify my blog is not spam, blogspot admin is going to review my new member's blog, if the admin treat the blog as a spam, sure the admin will delete the blog. So my new member will not have a blog to promote her infinity downline business anymore. Hopefully blogspot admin won't treat that blog as a spam. Every member have 1 blog only, the content on "Contact Me" page is not same for all members, so it should not be a spam. I am waiting for the admin review the my new members' blogs, if the admin decide to delete the blog because consider it is spam, then I have to say sorry that I cannot create blogs for new members anymore, but I can use my own hosting to create a website for my new members, the website will exactly look like the blog. So no need to worry. WEEEE ~ :)

On 18 December 2010, I bought two new domain name "http://www.plekz.com" and "http://facehon.com". I cannot decide which 1 is better for my new social networking website. Can you give vote it? If for you, which 1 will you chose? Plekz or Facehon? Picture below proves that I have bought that two domain name :

I have designed my own signature for website use purpose. I added the signature to my WiseStamp software. WiseStamp software is a software that auto add in your contact, your name, your picture to the email when you are sending an email or reply an email, picture below is the screenshot of WiseStamp auto added into the email :

Posted by Zac1987 on 18 December, 2010


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