Some people said the picture above is fake. Anyway, the video below is 100% true. Finally Selina shows her face on Public after 89 days :

How was the accident happened? An explosion happened during the filming of [I have a date with spring]. The lady heard from her friend that 50% of Selina's body was hurt during the explosion and is quite severe. Selina was sent to the hospital immediately. Everyone please pray for Selina and hope that everything will be fine

Selina's situation is suffer from third degree burns on body parts which are hands, feet and back have to perform skin grafting back in Taiwan currently family along with doctor is discussing medical treatment, we have applied for SOS medical treatment private plane between the time of incident at around four o'clock yesterday afternoon due to an explosion result of explosives exploded ahead of time, before shooting scene had formal trials for six or seven times, no problems, but unfortunately when shooting start accident happened.

Selina has completed her skin graft surgery at 2:00p.m. and regained consciousness at 3:00p.m. Father Ren said Selina was burnt 50% of the body, minor burns on cheeks, would have to wait 2-3 weeks after the surgery and hope for self-regeneration of the skin.

The explosives were located at two separate floors. Explosion was suppose to occur only when both Selina and Yu Hao Ming has successfully leave the building. However, during the actual scene Selina and Yu Hao Ming only managed to reach the entrance and the explosion happened. As a result, Selina and Yu Hao Ming is in serious medical conditions now for severe third degree burns. Both of them has to perform skin graft surgery and everyone is worried sick.

According to informed sources, [I have a date with Spring] crew will commence filming again on 24 October 2010. The crew will replace lead actress and actor, Selina and Yu Hao Ming. While Selina is being observed in the isolation ward with third degree burns on her hands, feet and her back the crew of [I have a date with spring] has already found her replacement to commence filming. While, Yu Hao Ming is still in ICU getting intensive care the crew of [I have a date with spring] has already found his substitute to resume filming.

Posted by Zac1987 on 02 January, 2011
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