Fix the problem of Wamp Server or XAMPP Localhost Shows Blank Page!!! After installed WAMP Server / XAMPP, if you have such errors like :
1 - localhost shows blank page.
2 - localhost and phpmyadmin page giving empty body.
3 - Your port 80 is actually used by Server Platinum ...
4 - The service has not been started.
5 - localhost is not working.
6 - wamp / apache server could not start.

The reason cause this error :
Your wamp server / XAMPP is using port 80, if your other program like antivirus or online movie player or skype is also using port 80, then your wamp / XAMPP will fail and not working. So you need to delete the program that using port 80!!!

Solution :
I am here to guide you how to check which program is using port 80, and how to delete it. Please follow the 7 steps below :

Step 1 - Open Command Prompt by clicking on Start button on desktop or press Windows button on keyboard, then type cmd into the "Search" box, then press Enter button on keyboard. Then you type netstat -aon into the black box, then press Enter button on keyboard. Then search for the digit "80" from the field of "Local Address".

Step 2 - Remember the PID number of the local address which has the digit "80"

Step 3 - Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE button keyboard to open the Task Manager. Then click "View" from top menu, then click "Select Columns...".

Step 4 - Then tick the box of "PID (Process Identifier)", then click "Ok" button.

Step 5 - Search the PID number that you remember just now, and click it.

Step 6 - Click "end Process" button to delete it.

Step 7 - Click on the WAMP Server / XAMPP icons which is near the time of your computer there, then click "Restart All Services".

That's all. Hopefully it can help to solve your problem. If you don't mind, please write a comment below to tell me which of your program is using port 80. My case is QVOD online movie player, haha.

Posted by Zac1987 on 02 January, 2011


  1. Bart Said,

    Thanks mate, it really helpt me! Today you just become my hero :D

    Posted on 5:39 PM, January 04, 2011

  2. Zac Said,

    @Bart. Welcome. ^^

    Posted on 5:41 PM, January 04, 2011

  3. Hey Zac, great post.

    My problem is different though.

    I can get to localhost-index and i can open a site but whenever I click on a menu tab of any of my local site, I then get the white blank page and when I try to coma back to the home page, I get a blank page as well.

    All my local site behave the same.

    Just before the problem occured, I have installed WinSCP, a program to harmonize all the files located in our local machine with our distant server.

    Any ideas

    Posted on 11:23 PM, January 08, 2011

  4. Zac Said,

    I guess you can get to index 1st time is because your browser is save it inside the cache. You can try clean up the browser's cache. I have no idea about your problem, sorry I can't help in that.

    Posted on 11:27 PM, January 08, 2011

  5. programmer Said,

    Thanks mate. It really helped me..

    Posted on 2:41 PM, April 13, 2011

  6. Anonymous Said, didnt appear the white blank program is skype.but the browser appear Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost...please help me..thnx

    Posted on 12:34 AM, June 09, 2011

  7. Anonymous Said,

    skype was using port 80 :-l

    Posted on 6:24 PM, August 05, 2011

  8. Anonymous Said,

    port 80 is used by skypekit from trillian...

    Posted on 1:19 PM, November 10, 2011

  9. Anonymous Said,

    port 80 is used by wampapache. I still getting a Not found for localhost, however.

    Posted on 10:35 AM, April 24, 2012

  10. Anonymous Said,

    port 80 was apache

    Posted on 1:03 AM, June 07, 2012

  11. Anonymous Said,

    port 80 is used by SYSTEM...

    Posted on 5:24 PM, July 15, 2012

  12. Anonymous Said,

    port 80 is used by SYSTEM

    Posted on 5:26 PM, July 15, 2012

  13. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks Dude, That really worked for me.....

    Posted on 12:18 PM, March 14, 2013

  14. bali ratih Said,

    my localhost is slow response
    i have uninstalled and installed xampp
    but that is not solution
    any advice how to solve this without reformat my pc

    Posted on 12:35 AM, April 07, 2013

  15. Moni muna Said,

    Thanks I got the solution of my problem.

    Posted on 11:06 AM, April 16, 2013

  16. Abdul Awal Said,

    Is there any way to fix it without ending the process ??
    I see port 80 is being used by avast in my system.
    I tried but couldn't end the process using task manager

    Thank You

    Posted on 8:25 PM, May 01, 2013

  17. Zac Ang Said,

    u can use other port for wamp, google search wamp use 8080 port

    Posted on 9:19 PM, May 01, 2013

  18. Iron Man Said,

    That didnt work for me even though my apache is using the port 80 i am still getting the f*kn blank page.Any ideas?

    Posted on 1:07 AM, May 18, 2013

  19. LECORE Said,

    Hi, my apache is using port 80 under PID 3426 & 3445??, if i launch Test Port in WAMP menu it displays nothing (as in just the static text in the file lol, still unable to load in Any browser :S

    Posted on 3:47 PM, August 28, 2013

  20. Anonymous Said,

    Thank you. So many other sites are having people go through very complex steps that are probably ruining users WAMP Server configurations and installations. Your instructions are very clear.

    I just changed port to 8080 in httpd.conf file and all is working well now. Never would have found that were it not for you.

    Posted on 12:03 PM, September 08, 2013

  21. Anonymous Said,

    I had the same problem (a blank screen in WAMP). For me it helped to just open Skype, opt out to use port 80 in the Skype settings, shut down Skype, restart all WAMP services and it worked!

    Posted on 4:35 AM, September 11, 2013

  22. Anonymous Said,


    Posted on 6:03 AM, April 08, 2014

  23. Akash Said,

    thank you very much it was skype

    Posted on 1:30 AM, July 09, 2014

  24. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks very much, easy follow and do good result, I could see it was Skype

    Posted on 10:35 AM, September 03, 2014

  25. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks - easy to follow and worked perfectly.

    Posted on 4:04 AM, November 21, 2014

  26. I am facing some errors can you please share this ......
    download software free | FULL VERSION SOFTWARE

    Posted on 1:51 PM, January 28, 2015

  27. Skype was the problem. thanx a ton for this advice.

    Posted on 1:30 AM, February 11, 2015

  28. Anonymous Said,

    great! thanks so much!!

    Posted on 7:53 PM, February 18, 2015

  29. Anonymous Said,

    A process by the name of "System" with PID of 4 is listening to port 80. And I can't end it's process. please help

    Posted on 4:31 PM, July 05, 2015

  30. Anonymous Said,

    program was edexter a program used to instert a blank image over a hostfile ad block

    Posted on 8:46 PM, July 05, 2015

  31. Zac Ang Said,

    Then change port of ur wamp to other number instead of 80. Instruction at

    Posted on 9:02 PM, July 05, 2015

  32. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks so much!

    My program was Skype. Works perfectly now!

    Posted on 6:13 AM, July 07, 2015

  33. Hi, I tried your solution. My PID Number 4. But skype iD is different. Its not working.
    Please help me...

    Posted on 4:16 PM, August 19, 2015

  34. Thanks for posting this. It worked, my PID was 3104, ended it, WAMP is back up :)

    Posted on 6:23 AM, December 05, 2015

  35. beacon13 Said,

    Awesome post! Rarely do solutions work so nicely. Cheers Zac.

    Posted on 9:26 PM, December 28, 2015

  36. AbDuL kAdeR Said,

    the pid in the task manager was showing that it was of httpd. meaning that it was already refering to the apache server. so for my case this did not work. It is still a blank page for me. what could be the possible reason? i have access to php my admin but not to the localhost

    Posted on 5:51 AM, July 17, 2016

  37. AbDuL kAdeR Said,

    the pid in my task manager was saying it belonged to httpd meaning that it was already reffering to apache server. so in my case this didnot work. i have access to phpmyadmin and iam able to log in as well. but when i type in "localhost" the blank page shows up. what could be the possible reason?

    Posted on 5:53 AM, July 17, 2016

  38. I use windows 8.1 but I didn't see any ",select column" on the task manager. Please help!

    Posted on 6:17 AM, June 03, 2017


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