Treatment for Old Scars / Big Deep Holes / Acne scars / Boxcar acne scars / Icepick acne scars

Get rid of Old Scars / Big Deep Holes / Acne scars / Boxcar acne scars / Icepick acne scars

Remove Old Scars / Big Deep Holes / Acne scars / Boxcar acne scars / Icepick acne scars

If you didn't take good care when you are having many pimples / acne on your face, you will have the big deep holes scars on your face. Although you don't have any pimples / acne anymore but the ugly scars are still on your face. Your face skin is like the moon surface. They are not easily treated. There are two types of acne holes :

Icepick acne scars : These are small, narrow pits that can sometimes be quite deep, as if a Smurf took a tiny icepick to your complexion. They are the most common type of acne holes.

Boxcar acne scars : These scars often look like large pores or small, walled boxes.

There are many different treatment that can help you to get rid of the acne holes scars. All their function concept is the same = Damage the old skin, then use medicinal to heal and grow a new perfect skin. If the old skin didn't go, new skin won't come, so you need to damage the old skin, tear it off, destroy it. So that new skin can be grown. Below are the lists of the treatments :
Laser skin resurfacing is effective for getting rid of acne holes. Studies have shown laser skin resurfacing to be an effective treatment for acne holes—especially for those with icepick scars and shallow boxcar scars. Though the type of laser treatment used will depend on your scarring and skin health, the procedure generally involves destroying the top, outer layer of skin (epidermis) and heating up the inner layer (dermis). This will foster new skin growth and diminish the appearance of acne holes. Healing can take up to two weeks, but many continue to see improvement months after the procedure. You can watch the laser resurface video at below :

Chemical peels work well for smaller acne holes. With this treatment, a strong acid is used to destroy the outer layer of skin (sometimes deeper with stronger acids), which will foster new skin growth. It can be an effective stand-alone acne holes treatment for those with mild scarring or a small peppering of acne holes, but is often just part of a larger treatment plan. A friend who has undergone the procedure likened it to a very powerful, more sophisticated exfoliating scrub. There is usually little down time after this procedure, but that will depend on the strength of the peel. There are some chemical peels cream for sale on the market, you can buy it and use it at home by yourself. Please be careful don't simply buy the chemical peels cream which are not trusted because there are few cases about after the users applied the cream, their face are injured by the acid and the acid left the very horrible marks on their face. You can go to or to search for "chemical peels cream", if you want to buy it.

Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion are sometimes used to get rid of acne holes. Dermabrasion (less popular because of emerging laser techniques) is far more intense than microdermabrasion. During a session, a diamond blade or wire brush is used to blast away the top layer of skin along with the acne holes, leaving room for smoother, flatter skin to grow. It can be painful and you'll need to set aside a week for healing at home. Microdermabrasion—best for smaller, shallow acne holes—involves several shorter sessions using gentler instruments. There are Mircrodermabrasion home kits for personal use at home, you can but it and use it by yourself at home. You can go to or to search for "Microdermabrasion" if you want to buy it.

Injection Fillers have become a popular treatment for acne holes. With this treatment, a doctor or dermatologist injects collagen, PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate—the only permanent filler), your own fat, or another agent underneath and into the acne holes to give them a flat, even appearance. Fillers can get rid of acne holes fast and allow you to go back to everyday activities immediately.Yes, most fillers are temporary, but even the short lived agents last between three and six months.

Surgery is often the best way to get rid of acne holes. The surgical techniques used to treat depressed acne scars are effective and receive high marks from patients. Doctors can remove, raise, fill in, and fade acne holes using various methods depending on your skin health and the severity of the scarring. Surgery is often paired with the techniques listed above to further get rid of the acne holes. But while surgery often gets the best results, it is also expensive and requires more down time for healing.

Rejuvastamp is a tool that has many needles on the chop head, you use it to chop chop chop on your scar area like many needles puke on your skin to damage your skin, then use medicine to heal and grow a new perfect beautiful skin. You can watch the video about Rejuvastamp at below :

More info about Rejuvastamp at :

Derma Roller is made up by many needles. It is a tool to remove pimples scars on face and body. It can resolve bold, regrow your hair too. How it works? First, the needles can damage your skins, then your skin will regrow/rebuild a new smooth perfect skin. More info at :
You can buy dermaroller at RM95 from me at :
Revitol Scar Cream contains all-natural ingredients that are easy on even the most sensitive skin. The special blend fortifies the skin with vitamins and proteins that gradually reduce and possibly eliminate unsightly scars no matter how long you’ve had them. By working to rejuvenate the skin from deeper layers, even burn scars can see a dramatic improvement. Reviewers have noted that this cream is effective against scars caused by acne, burns, keloids, mole removal, injuries, surgery, etc. Over 100,000 units of Revitol Scar Cream have been sold. The company stands behind its claims. If this product does not meet with your satisfaction, you can return it within 90 days. I have tried to google search "Revitol Scar Cream" for 5 hours to check and see whether or not there is any bad comment, but I can't find any bad comment about it, and I found many good comments about it. If you don't believe me, you can google search "Revitol Scar Cream" to check out all the comments by yourself. You can buy Revitol Cream from me at :

Acne Hole After Care
Above I briefly outlined how to get rid of acne holes using the leading treatments in the field. What I did not mention is that the success or failure of any procedure depends not only on the skill of the doctor and whether or not God loves you, but also with your own dedication and discipline. Surgery, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, dermabrasion—all of these acne hole treatments require post-procedure care at home to ensure success. Whether it be applying ice, changing bandages, avoiding exercise, shielding your vulnerable skin from the sun, you'll need to follow your doctor's directions to the letter if you hope to face the world with a scar-free complexion.

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  1. It's so dirty to look a face which have a lot of pimples. I have known a surgeon that could actually cleans your face. Getting some deep hole unto your face and reduces natural oil that exist into your face. He's actually good in doing such.

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