After you link your Maybank Treats Smart Shopping Visa debit card to your Paypal, when you are about sending payment to other's paypal account by using your debit card, if Paypal shows any error messages below :
1) Please finish the card confirmation process first, then try this payment again. This error occur is because you recently edit/update the info of your card, so Paypal need a day to review your card. For my case, this error is fixed on the next morning I woke up.

2) This payment cannot be completed because your credit card has been declined by your credit card issuer. To fix this error, you need to follow the steps below :
Step 1 - Go to ATM machine change the limit of Withdrawing, Transferring, and Selling to RM5000 (The default limit is RM500 only). You insert your ATM card into the ATM machine, then type in your password, then press Other/Lain-lain > Change limit/language/had/bahasa > Then you will see the 3 options : Withdrawing, Transferring, Selling. Select them 1 by 1 to change their limit to RM5000.

Step 2 - Go home use your computer login to website, then look under "Utilities" and click on "Maybankcard Secure Online Shopping Registration" :

Then select which card you want to use. Then create a new MSOS Password (You must always remember this password because you need to enter this password everytime you send money by using your PayPal). Then fill in the Personal Assurance Message. Then fill in the Expired Date of your card, CVV of your card, Hint & Answer.

Step 3 - Log out your Paypal account from Paypal website, then login your Paypal account again and try to send the payment to the seller/ other people again.

That's all. Hopefully you will be able to send payment in Paypal by using Maybank Debit card after fix the two errors above. Good luck.

If you want to know how to link your Maybank debit card to your Paypal account, you can go to then click Question 7.

Posted by Zac1987 on 25 February, 2011


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