Today many girls are socialized. They can easily hangout with stranger boys. They actually didn't realize the risks. There are many case about boys cheated girls to hangout then rape them. For example a case happened on year 2010 January. A blogger / facebook user asked a girl to hang out with him, she agreed. The first time they hang out was nothing bad happen. But after 3rd time they hang out, he phone call some of his male friends to come over to gangbang rape her. 5 boys rape a girl and they record the video on it. Then he warn her do not tell police or parent or other people, if she tell, he will ask his friends to hurt her family members and upload the video to everywhere on the internet including porn websites. She scare so she keep quiet didn't tell anyone. When he need sex, he will go to her school to fetch her back after school, and she can't do anything, just let him do whatever as he want. More info at :

If you are the girl, how would you do? Will you report this to police and take the risk to hurt your family members? If you like having sex with boy, I have nothing to say, but think about 5 boys are rapping you, your ass hole will get lot hurt.

Case 2 :
Boys cheated girls in legal way. The boy like to have sex with many different girls. His always put "Single" status on his Facebook. She saw his picture on facebook are quite handsome, so she direct agree when he was asking her to hangout. They both are about 20 years-old already, so they are quite open minded, having sex is okay for them. The boy asked the girl to be his girl-friend, gift her some flowers and cheap ring, she agree to be his gf. They have sex many times within few days they are being couple. After he get bored, he just simply gave an excuse to break with her. After break with her, he direct go cheat another girl.

So if you are the girl desire for love rather than sex, please make sure he is not a playboy, ask him bring you to see his parents, go check his background and his family background properly, date with him for more than 5 month or a year then only allow him to have sex with you.

Posted by Zac1987 on 23 February, 2011


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