Recently We saw a video from Facebook about a boy bullied and kill many kittens infront of the cat mom, the cat mom tried to protect her kitten many times but fail because the boy don't let she near to the kitten. (Actually the boy is not a male, it is a girl with short hair). Please watch the video below for more info :

Many people want to find out the guy on the video, there is a people willing to pay $500,000 Taiwan dollar just to find out the guy on the video. Many people work together searching the guy through Facebook and finally they found her!!! She is in Malaysia. Please watch the below video for more info :

From the video,she said she don't know what she was doing on that moment.. OMG i totally can't agree with this! A normal human being is doing something without any perception for almost 5minutes ?! so IMPOSSIBLE !! or maybe she should say that lady in that video is not her *much more better i guess =/ or admit that she is playful ?!

She said due to this case, she need to go for psychotherapy :O from my view, i guess mental problem patient will not say she has mental problem .. AND !! if she really do,she will not be a volunteer for SPCA already .. the place she need to go is mental hospital .. i guess.

From the video, the government agent said she will get fined RM200 or jailed up for 6 month only!! It is ridiculous!! If she just get fined RM200, I think other people definitely will dare to bully cats next times since RM200 is not a big deal. Please la!!! At least punish her by whipping her ass for 5 times.

Hope the court will send her into hospital and get a proper check up to prove her “sick in head" not just listening on what she said :(

And because of HER..Malaysia need to bear those negative comments from other countries..

Anyway, does anyone know what is the Facebook link of the cat abuser? If you know it, please give me the link by posting comment through the comment box at below. Thank you.

Seriously I really solute those people can find out the guy through Facebook. Last two month ago they also found the dog abuser from Facebook, here is the info :

Posted by Zac1987 on 07 March, 2011
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