I was slept from 10.30p.m until 12.28a.m. It was short because I was woke up by a ghost. I never saw ghost and never experience this before. This is first time I meet a ghost.

How did I meet her?
While I was sleeping, she climbed to my bed. I can feel my bed was sink down for 3 times (1st sink - she put her hands on my bed, 2nd sink - she put her legs on my bed, 3rd sink, she move her hands to upper)....So I turned my body just want to check out what happen. Then my back pressed something small like a puppy. Then she start hugging me. My body cannot move at all when she was hugging me. Then she start talking to me near to my ear, the first sentence she spoken is related to the info that I was searching from internet this evening (private thing can't share, sorry). I can't understand the rest of words she speak, maybe it is Indonesia or Philippine language. She talk talk talk very long non-stop. Then I shout my sister's name for help, I can hear my voice is very very low although I shout very loud. My low voice sure won't reach my sister. I tried to shout my sister for many times, but all my voices are very low. Then I asked her "Apa yang anda mahu"? She answered "Jika anda bekerjasama, saya akan banyak lepas anda". I don't know what language is sentence that has a word "banyak" there, maybe Philippine? Or maybe Indonesia? Then she push something into my mouth to force me eat it, my tongue and teeth sense nothing is inside my mouth, when the thing going into my mouth, my mouth need to open, but when I bite, I can't sense anything inside my mouth, I didn't dare to swallow it. I said "na mo ah mi tou fo", then suddenly I open my eyes and woke up from sleep like usual. I am not sure this is just a dream or a real.

Lucky she didn't block my voice fully, i think she wanted me to speak something or answer her questions, that's why she didn't block my voice fully. If she block my voice fully, I can't say "na mo ah mi tou fo" anymore, and I will never wake up again?

I worry she will block my voice fully on my next sleep, because she don't want I speak "na mo ah mi tou fo" to ruin her plan again.

I checked my bed when I woke up, there is nothing press on me on my bed on my sleeping position. I was sleeping from 10.30p.m and woke up at 12.20a.m, so I guess she came to me around after 12a.m. Do you still believe it was just a dream?

Does any of you got this similar experience? Is it just a dream or it is a real? What she want actually? Is it risk to my life?

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Posted by Zac1987 on 20 June, 2011


  1. zendie Said,

    Hey, i believe in you, im a filipina and "banyak" is not our language, maybe she want something to say..

    Posted on 6:53 AM, July 22, 2011

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I don't think she wanted to hurt you. I don't think ghosts want to hurt us. They just trying to communicate. But I guess do some research on ghost's intentions. I just saw a ghost about ab hour ago so I know what you mean when you are helpless and scared. When I'm scared I can't scream at all and I can barely talk :) I think maybe it was a dream but ghosts can come in dreams. That's what my ghost did. She appeared in my dream a few times but I didn't really notice her. Than I woke up and she was at the foot of my bed. I don't think she wanted to hurt me. I don't think ghosts want to hurt us.

    Posted on 8:30 PM, August 07, 2012


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