My toilet water tap is leaking water. I feel like want to call plumber service by and But I didn't want to waste the plumber's time and car petrol to come my house just to fix this small little thing. So I decided to fix it by myself. Today is the first day to fix a water tap / faucet. Haha. I have learn how to fix it through you-tube video before I really go to do it. Below are the videos :
and this

After I watched the video, I just went to do it in real. I took out the water tap and I realize there was a small little yellow thing which is under the water tap, the rubber on small little thing was broken already. So I drove my car to nearest shop to buy a replacement for the small little thing at RM0.50 only. Below are the pictures :

I forget to bring my wallet, ic, license, mobile phone when I was driving to the shop to buy the small little thing, lucky my car got some small changes and lucky I didn't blocked by police. LOL.

Posted by Zac1987 on 11 June, 2011

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    Posted on 12:01 PM, November 18, 2012


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