Funshion is so good but unfortunately some internet users might have some trouble to download Funshion player due to Funshion website server loading is too slow. If you are having this problem. Below is the solution steps :
1) Use Google DNS. The info of Google DNS at
2) Use Internet Explorer visit
3) Click on 新浪下载 to download Funshion player. If 新浪下载 server is too slow for u and fail to download it, then u should try click on 太平洋下载 or 腾讯下载 or ZOL下载 or 天空下载. You need to try 1 by 1 until you success download it. Be careful see the download button carefully, make sure you click the right button, see the picture below, most of people will click the first download button but it is actually a wrong button!!

4) If you have tried to download the player from all servers but none of them success, you can download it from my own hosting at which is version only.

5) Install it.
6) Click "Play" button on the movie that you want to watch.

Posted by Zac1987 on 20 September, 2011

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Hi, i was able to install after a few tries it finally allow me to watch. But for the next two days it failed to load and showed "fail to initialize". Would u be able to advise?

    thank you

    Posted on 9:00 AM, January 31, 2012


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