Do you face this problem? When your computer is connecting to wireless network, suddenly it disconnected and cannot connect it back until you restart the computer. Actually you don't need to restart your computer:

If your computer can't find / can't detect / can't search / can't connect the wireless network, you can try to unplug the wireless adapter, then plug it to other usb port, then connect your computer to wirefless network.

If your computer can connect to wireless network, but cannot surf the internet, cannot browse website, then do the 5 steps below :
1) Right click on wireless icon,
2) Choose "Diagnose and Repair",
3) Choose "Restart DHCP".
4) It will take 10 seconds to restart DHCP,
5) Then you go to connect wireless again, it should work.

One of my friend said that when her laptop disconnected from wireless network, she was in the middle of something important so she cannot restart the computer, she need internet connection to save her works. She said she waited for 30 minutes later then only her laptop can connect back to the wireless network. So conclusion is there are 3 different solutions to solve this problem :
1) Restart computer / laptop,
2) Restart DHCP,
3) Wait for 30 minutes.
Obviously solution number 2 (Restart DHCP) is better than all of other.

Posted by Zac1987 on 17 September, 2011


  1. sleepypingu Said,

    Hi. i want to ask question that did not have relation with this post. i do not know how to ask you. i'm using your way to fix my external hard disk 'need to format' and it was brilliantly work. so i thought you can help my problem.

    whenever i try to watch video from internet, such as from Youtube, my laptop screen become blank, and after few seconds, it work as normal again. then the was notification 'Your display driver AMD driver has stop working and succesfully recovered.

    can you help me?

    Posted on 3:01 AM, October 01, 2011

  2. Zac Said,

    follow the steps below :
    1) insert the driver cd into cdrom, when you bought the computer, they got give u few cds, 1 is the driver cd.

    2) install graphic card driver from the cd.

    3) restart pc, then open you-tube video check and see problem is solved?

    4) if not yet solved, check your graphic card model, the model is in the driver cd, or if it is a laptop, u can google search graphic card driver for your laptop model.

    5) Download the latest version of grapic card driver from internet.

    6) install the latest version of graphic card driver to your computer.

    7) restart pc, then open you-tube and test.

    Posted on 3:13 AM, October 01, 2011

  3. Nice informative post. It is actually useful for me. keep writing and happy blogging.

    Posted on 3:21 PM, January 21, 2012


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