Sometime the internet speed become very slow. You make the speed to faster back.

First you need to check the internet speed by follow 3 steps below :
1) Click Start Menu, type cmd into the search box. Press "Enter" button on keyboard.
2) You will see a small black box appear. Type ping -t into the black box.
3) Check the time=??ms :
30ms = internet speed is very fast.
80ms = internet speed is fast.
300ms = internet speed is slow.
1000ms = internet speed is very slow.
2000ms = internet speed is very very very slow.
Picture below show the internet speed is VERY VERY VERY SLOW :

Picture below show the internet speed is FAST:

If you see your ms is very high, it mean your internet speed is very slow, why it is slow? Sometime it is because some China movie player are downloading or uploading the movie files to other internet user, eg : PPStream, Qvod, Funshion, Xun Lei. You need to close those players application and process. Many people know how to close the application only, but they don't know how to close the process. If you didn't close the process, the process will slow down your internet. To close the application and process, there are two different ways (easy way and hard way) : 1) easy way : you can download a file from After finish download the file, you double click it to open and run it. When you open the file, u will see a black box appear for 1 or 2 seconds. The black box spend 1 or 2 seconds to close all application and process of PPStream, Qvod, Funshion, Xun Lei. Now you go check the speed ms by doing the 3 steps above again, see if the ms is still high or low? If the ms is still high, it mean other computer in your house didn't close the application or process of PPStream, Qvod, Funshion, Xun Lei yet. You need to send the offpps.bat file to all of computers in your house, then open to run it on all computers to close all application and process on all computers.

2) hard way : info at

In addition, you can download a software name "fluxEye" to check what software on your computer are download / uploading files to the internet, so you can know what software are eating your internet speed. you can download "fluxEye" from or from Then install it, then open it. (Tip : after you download the file, you need to open the file with 7zip or winzip or winrar).

Picture below shows the the screenshot of FluxEye :

After you close all application and process of PPStream, Qvod, Funshion, Xun Lei on all computers in your house, and after you use FluxEye to confirm there is no software is eating your internet speed, but the ms is still high or the speed is still slow, you must call streamyx to fix the line by follow the steps on this page :

Posted by Zac1987 on 06 October, 2011

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  1. MeteorX Said,

    Wow! thanks bro. I have bittorent processes running 24 hours and my connectivity always request timed out. After i kill those process manually, my internet connection back to normal. :)

    Posted on 10:42 PM, April 02, 2012


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