The useful android application :
1) battery solo widget - Show battery life in percentage on home page.

2) juice defender - save battery life (Save up to 2x times).

3) task killer - U jz need 1 click on the widget to kill all current running apps. It has another widget to list out all the current running apps too.

4) viber - free phone calling to other people but the people must install viber app to his/her phone too. It can scan through your contact book to check which of your friends have viber.

5) talkbox - free voice messaging to other people.

6) whatsapp - free sms messaging to other people.

7) Go SMS - if you can't find outbox, sent box, draf folders in your phone, you can install Go SMS, let Go SMS app replace your stock sms software.

8) shazam - if you are interested to know the title of song, u can opne Shazam app on your phone, let Shazam listen to the song, then Shazam will show you the title of the song.

9) facebook - update fb wall, check in, upload photos, view friend's wall, new feeds, chatting.

10) line - find a stranger in public that near to you and chat with the stranger that near to you.

11) forsquare - check in to tell your friends where is your location now. It can list out many famous and nice place near to your current location too.

12) rockplayer - it is a video player which can play many different format of video like mpeg, flv, avi...

13) astro file manager - it manage all the files in your phone and sd cards. It allow you copy, cut, paste, delete, move, sort your file, create new folder. It also can backup your apps. It can list out all process, task, services which are running currently too.

14) app backup - It bankup your apps.

15) App2sd - If your phone or memory card is running out of memory, you can use App2sd app to move your apps between phone and memory card.

16) flashlight - Your phone doesn't has flash light? Install this app to get flash light.

17) photo warp - It allow you edit your photo by dragging any place on picture like pulling your nose and mouth longer, make your picture look funny.

18) screen capture - It allow you to capture everything appear on your phone screen currently.

19) Papago x5 - It is gps apps. If can see the location of your house and working place on the map, u can search a location by road name or building name too. You can set the location as destination so it will show the way or the road path guide u from your current location to the destination.

You can download the apk files of those 19 useful android apps above from

20) memo - Do you feel frustrating when u always typing the same sms to many different customers? You can save the sms content / template on memo. Everytime you want to send the sms, you can copy the content from memo and paste into the sms and send.

21) program monitor - It show the number of applications that running at the background.

22) task manager - It show how much left the ram, storage, list out current running apps too.

The top android games :
1) fruit ninja

2) fruit slice

3) angry bird rio

4) angry bird season - It has many hardest levels if compare to angry bird RIO.

5) paper toss

6) turboFly 3D - It is a very nice racing game, many levels to complete.

7) sharkfree - Control the shark to eat small fish.

8) Raging Thunder 2 Lite - You can race car with other players through the internet.

9) x Construction full - It is a brain game, you need to think out a good idea to build a stable bridge to let the train go through it.

10) Air Control beta - Control all aeroplanes and helicopters safely land to the air-port.

11) finger revolution - It is like o2jam, but it has 4 buttons only - up, down, left, right.

12) ninjump

13) city jump

14- freerunning

15) cut the rope - It is a brain game. You need to try your best to feed the monster with the sweet.

You can download the apk files of those 15 android games above from

16) reversi online - challenge your reversi skill with other online players through the internet.

If you found any other useful android app, please tell me through the comment at below, thank you.

Posted by Zac1987 on 22 November, 2011


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