Now I want to talk about nose wings, nose wings deduction need knife cut, sure it is painful... scary!!!

Nose Reduction / refinements
In nose refinement, one of the things that can be achieved would be reducing the 'wings' or alar of the nose, making the nose look narrower and smaller. This is commonly done together with nasal augmentation, which raises the bridge and tip of the nose at the same sitting.

Alar Base Reduction - Type I & II Sheen Excisions

Incision 1 mm on Nasal Side of Alar-Facial Junction Bevel Incision
Medial Flap used when Vestibular Skin Resected
5-0 Vicryl for Deep Closure
6-0 Prolene for Skin Closure
5-0 Chromic for Vestibular Closure
Vestibular (Nostril) = Decreases Nostril Size
Cutaneous (Alar Lobule) = Modifies Alar Lobule & Contour
Type I: Excessive Alar Lobule with Normal Sized Nostrils
Type II: Large Nostrils & Excessive Alar Lobules

Alar Base Reduction - Type I Sheen Excisions

Excise Lobules (Cutaneous)
Not Vestibular Skin
External Alar Excision
3 mm at most
Entire Border of Alar Lobule
Alar Base Reduction - Type II Sheen Excisions

Excise Lobules (Cutaneous)
Some Vestibular Skin (< than Cutaneous)
External Alar & Internal Vestibular Excision
3 mm at most
Entire Border of Alar Lobule

Alar Base Reduction Medial Flap

Extend Medially along Alar Base
Stop Short of the last 2 to 3 mm
Back Cut that Preserves Small Triangular (Medial) Flap is Made
Superior Cut Made
Excise Wedge of Tissue
Natural Continuity of Nasal Sill Preserved
Alar Base Reduction

Type II Sheen Excision :

Type II Sheen Excision :

Sheen Excision/Medial Flap :

Type II Sheen Excision :

Alar Base Reduction Type II Sheen Excision - 1 Week Post-Op :

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