Sensation XE camera cannot apply 2 scenes at the same time, so if I apply Low Light scene, then I can't apply Action scene, so you cannot capture good and clear picture on a moving cars at night, sad.

This dogs pictures were captured under +2 exposure and + 2 sharpness. It become too bright! So I must not increase the exposure when there is bright sun.

Moreover, my hand need to be very steady then only can capture clearer picture. If my hand shack a bit (not do it on purpose), the picture that I captured will become blur.

Picture above is with +2 exposure. Picture below is without exposure :

Picture above was captured with flash and +2 exposure. Picture below was captured with flash but no exposure :
Picture below was captured with focus on entire picture, so entire picture look very clear, every words look clearly. Because I put the camera near to the object (paper), so the focus is able to cover entire picture :

when you capture a pic by your phone camera, you focus on the object, so the the object become clear but all other things become blur on the picture. So how to make the object and all other things become clear on the whole picture? how to make nothing blur on the picture? Easy! You just need to move d camera closer to the object! I think it is because there is digital zoom happened when u put too far the distant between the camera and the object, zooming make picture blur. You cannot control digital zoom, you can control optical zoom only. You can't even know digital zoom happen inside the camera, so if you put the camera closer to the object, then digital zoom will not occur, so picture won't blur outside the focus area.

Video below was recorded by HTC Sensation XE :

The stereo microphone is too sensitive, so become very noise. Some people said set it to mono microphone will reduce the noise. Some other people said Stock 2.08.401.1 rooted will fix the problem but I didn't root my phone yet because I worry it will lose the warranty.

Video below was recorded by Mono Microphone :

Video below was recorded by Mono Microphone too :

Summery of all weakness of HTC Sensation XE :
1) Camera capture blur pic if hand shake just a little bit.
2) Video recording stereo mic is too sensitive to the sound, so video recording sound very noisy and poor sound.
3) If you want camera capture picture on a moving car at night, u won't get a nice picture because u cannot set low light scene and action scene at the same time.

4) xe battery don't know how to handle the 1.5ghz dual core processor so battery life cannot last for long (The 100% full battery is enough for me to play game continuously for 4 hours only). Don't charge your phone battery while playing game because it will damage your battery. I suggest you buy extra 2 batteries, and 1 charger which can charge the battery without the phone, so you can use your phone to play game while the other battery is charged by the charger separately.

5) Cannot screen capture, there is no screen capture Android App that can compatible with HTC Sensation XE currently. Good news to all htc fan, you just need to press and hold the power button and press home button to capture screen! CHEER!
6) The housing / outlook of HTC Sensation XE is very ugly, especially the white housing.

Compare Sensation XE to Galaxy s2 :
1) Galaxy S2 screen is yellow color, camera capture on white wall become yellow wall too. Sensation Xe screen is true real color and camera capture on white wall get white wall picture.
2) XE battery don't know how to handle the 1.5ghz dual core processor so battery life cannot last for long. In contrast, Galaxy S2 battery know how to handle its processor very well, so s2 battery life can stay longer than XE.

Posted by Zac1987 on 09 December, 2011


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