Malaysia has USPS courier office or not? I find that using Endisia to ship internation can save triple the shipping fee!

I always buy things from US, and sellers from US always ship those things to me by USPS and Endicia, I paid RM60 for 30 bottles cream.

Now I want to ship out 1 bottle of cream from Malaysia to Africa... but fedex charge RM180 for that! Fedex rm180 for 6 days delivery, Fedex RM437 for 4 days delivery, UPS RM329 for 6 days delivery, DHL RM262.

Too bad Malaysia doesn't has USPS office and Endisia is not support in Malaysia. I know it because I talk to the customer service of Endisia, below is the conversation between me and the customer service of Endisia :
Shaneika: Hi, my name is Shaneika. How may I help you?
You: hello
Shaneika: Hello
You: I am from Malaysia country, I want to ship products from Malaysia to South Africa by using USPS. Is it posible?
You: Malaysia doesn't has USPS office, so how to ship the product by USPS courier?
Shaneika: No that is not, I am sorry
You: I tried to sign up an account on Endicia, but it show error on my address, is it Malaysia citizen cannot sign up Endicia account?
Shaneika: No, because you have to sign up and be shipping from a USPS in the United States.
You: ok...
Shaneika: sorry
You: it is okay, thanks for your time :)

I'm jealous US country has USPS, Malaysia TAK BOLEH! Just now I went to post office asked about it, and they told me that cream products can be shipped by sea only, and it need 3 months to delivery. Cream products cannot be delivered by air.

Does anyone know any other courier can delivery the cream from Penang to Africa with faster speed and cheaper price?

Posted by Zac1987 on 03 December, 2011


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