I planned to post my question to stackoverflow.com to ask some experts from there. But when I was typing my question in very detail on stackoverflow.com, then only I realize my code "hideposting();" show on 2nd page and it works to hide the posting from 1st page although the code is on 2nd page, so I stated think "why???" and I suddenly realize 1st page call the code from 2nd page, so the code on 2nd page is still on 1st page, that's why the code on 2nd page is working on 1st page!

Sometime we just need to think deeply and go for very detail then we will realize our problem is not a problem actually.

Anyway, since I types so many words for my question on stackoverflow.com, but I cannot click "submit" button because it is not a question for me anymore since I got the answer already, I feel it is wasted if I delete my question from stackoverflow.com, so I print screen and save the picture here :

Posted by Zac1987 on 16 January, 2012


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