Caroline products for Oily / Pimples Problem skin :
*Please contact me for the products price*
Facial Cleanser (120ml) / (20ml)
2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser (120ml) / (20ml) / (10g)
Skin Astringent (120ml) / (20ml)
Rejuvenation Lotion (30ml)
Refining Cream(20g) / (5g) / (3g)
Repair Cream (10g) / (3g)
Purifying Cream (20g)
UV Cream (Beige) (40g) / (20g) / (5g)
Purifying Travel Set (20ml 2in1 cleanser, 20ml facial cleanser, 20ml astringent, 5g refining, 5g sunblock)
Refining Trial Set (10g 2in1 Purifying Cleanser + 3g Refining Cream)
Repair Trial Set (10g 2in1 Purifying Cleanser + 3g Repair Cream)
*Please contact me for the products price*

Caroline facial cleanser (120ml - 3 months usages *Please contact me for latest price*

Caroline Facial Cleanser (20ml - 2 weeks usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

This anti-acne cleanser gently washes away dirt and excess oil without drying out the skin. Certified organic extracts and minty ingredients soothes, softens and conditions the skin. It cleanse aways light make up and harmful elements left by cosmetics, leaves skin feeling completely cleaned and refreshed.

*pump twice of this cleanser to your palm, add water to create foam, massage your face with this foam for 2 minutes, then wash clean with water. Use for day and night.




Caroline 2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser (120ml - 3 months usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

Caroline 2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser (20ml - 2 week usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

Caroline 2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser (10ml - 1 week usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

This cleanser can be used as cleanser and also as mask. Use it as your daily cleanser in the morning to clean your face, and apply it as mask on your face at night for 10-15 minutes. Clogged pores will lead to blemishes, acne, breakouts, blackheads, infections etc. This non-comedogenic cleanser reduces sebum production, deeply clarify pores while smoothering your complexion. It gives you cooling sensation and thus calm your skin down. You will feel your skin is smooth as silk immediately after washing.

*wet your face, apply 3g to 5g of 2 in 1 purifying cleanser and massage for 2-3 minutes, then rinse off with clean water. This cleanser can be used as mask too, apply a layer of this cleanser to your face, leave it for 10-15 minutes then wash clean with water.


早上用水把脸拍湿后搽上2合一功效洁面乳,按摩一分钟后再用水洗干净。晚上也是一样用水把脸拍湿,搽上较厚一层的洁面乳,当作面膜使用,20 - 30分钟后用水洗干净。

Caroline Skin Astringent (120ml - 3 months usages) = *Please contact me for latest price*

Caroline Skin Astringent (20ml - 2 weeks usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

This is a toner to be used day and night everyday, it has pores-minimizing effect , and help to prevent infections on your face. Pump a small amount and dab it to your cleaned face, it immediately refreshes your face. Applying this skin astringent with cotton pad is able to wipe away unwanted dead skin cells.

*pat onto your face twice a day on cleaned skin. Or pour onto cotton pad and wipe your face to remove dead skin cells.




REJUVENATION LOTION (30ml) *Please contact me for latest price*
It is the booster of Refining Cream, faster remove pimples. This is a intensive acne serum made of natural herbs extracts specially for daily care of severe oily, pimply and acne-prone skin. It is in serum form for deeply penetrating and neutrlizing bacteria in deep skin layer to purify skin cells, help you to clear severe and serious existing pimple and prevent breakout/pimple in the future.

Some people face skin is thicker, their skin can stand for the power strength of rejuvenation lotion, that's why they can apply it onto whole face. If you feel your skin hot or unconfortable after apply rejuvenation lotion onto whole face, then it mean your skin cannot stand for the strength of rejuvenation lotion, so u must not apply it onto whole face, u can only apply it onto pimples area only. And you should not apply it after pimples are gone. Because it will dry out your skin. You apply it only when u have pimple. Apply it then apply refining cream can get faster result.




Caroline Refining Cream (20g - 3 months usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

5g Caroline Refining Cream (2 weeks usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

Caroline Refining Cream (3g - 1 week usages) *Please contact me for latest price*
This is the best selling moisturizer that guaranteed effective in clearing existing acne/pimple and black/whitehead and congested skin. Formulated with pure herbs to keep your skin clear and blemish-free. Keeps your face suppled and moisturized for whole day. It contains plants extracts that refines your skin and make it as smooth and soft like baby skin.

*after cleansing your face, apply refining cream to your whole face and massage till it's fully absorbed, you may apply another layer on top of pimple/acne/scars before going to sleep to help pimple to subside quickly at night.

About refining cream :
refining cream is the key to prevent pimples.
To cure pimples, apply 2 times refining cream every day.
To prevent pimples, apply 1 time refining cream every day is enough.
I stop 5 days, don't apply refining cream for 5 days, pimples also won't grow, but 6th day i stop, it will grow new pimples. So maximum is 5 days for me to stop using refining cream.



Caroline Repair Cream (10g - 3 months usages) *Please contact me for latest price*
Caroline Repair Cream (3g - 1 week usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

This is a advanced cream from plants and herbs extracts that support the skin's health and enhance the skin's natural recovery process, it stimulates the skin's regenerative processes and helps to avoid excess scars and reduce existing scars. In addition it relieves itching and redness for sensitive skin too. Contributes to healthy skin renewal and healing without keloid or scars formation. Use this cream to mix with refining cream is able to cure pimple/acne without leaving any scars, it stimulates healing power of the skin to clear existing pimple/acne, promote cells activity, repair damage tissues and reduce cell damage.

*mix refining cream with repair cream at ratio 2:1. The 2 is refining and the 1 is repair cream. Apply to whole face at night when the skin is ready for some "cell repairing" work.



*只用于晚间。当你要用refining cream时,取出适量的refining cream,再取出小量修复疗肤霜repair cream,比例大约2:1,掺在一起后涂于全脸。

Caroline Purifying Cream (20g - 3 months usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

great product to shrink enlarged pores, not only help in diminishing pimple and small bumps, it has got an ultimate effect of shrinking large pores, gives you pores-free skin! Result is visible and lasting. Apply this cream on the area that has got large pores and prone to pimple at night only, you will notice pores are getting smaller and smaller every morning when you wake up.

*apply this cream only on area with enlarged pores or pimple just before going to bed.




Caroline UV CREAM SPF25 - Sun Block (40g bottle - 4 months usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

Caroline UV CREAM SPF25 - Sun Block (20g jar - 2 months usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

Caroline UV CREAM SPF25 - Sun Block (5g jar - 2 weeks usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

UVA and UVB from sunlight can damage skin cells and makes skin cells lost it's elasticity and thus develope pigmentation, dark spot, freckles and fine lines. This non-oily and non-greasy UV cream gives you protection against UV-A and UV-B with SPF25, it's tinted with beige colour and can be used as make up base which gives you brightening effect through out the day.

*Please be informed that there is 20ml jar type and 40ml bottle with pump type available now.

*massage lightly on whole face and neck area after applying all your skincare, can be used as make up base / foundation too.

4 colors options :
Beige color - Good for pimples and oily skin because it won't clog pores. Is light brown color. Not oily. Texture is more solid / concentrated.

Pink color - Good for dark skin people because it is whiten than Beige color sun block uv cream, but it is not suitable for pimples / oily skin.

White color - It is transparent color. Suitable for normal to dry skin.

Natural color - Its color look real and nicer, not so dry texture, waterly abit, easy to apply, suit for all skin. It can be apply if u have little bit of pimples. If you have many pimples then better use Beige color.


富含丰富的紫外线过滤成分,有效过滤能伤害皮肤细胞的紫外线,防止皮肤形成黑斑及晒伤,过度的暴晒会导致皮肤细胞老化,使肤色暗淡无光。皮肤色的防晒膏也可以拿来当化妆前的隔离霜 (foundation),让妆容更自然与更持久,也防止化妆品进入皮肤内层造成伤害。


Caroline Purifying Travel Set (2 weeks usages) *Please contact me for latest price*

This is the most fastest way to cure all acnes / pimples and it is the most effective way to prevent pimples.

- 20ml facial cleanser
- 20ml 2 in 1 purifying cleanser
- 20ml skin astringent
- 5g refining cream
- 5g UV cream

Instruction Steps :
1 - Morning wash your face with green Facial Cleanser. Massage at least 1 minute with it on your face.

2 - Apply Skin Astringent as toner. Spray some Astringent onto your left palm, then use 1 finger of your right hand to touch it and tap it onto your whole face.

3 - Apply Refining Cream onto whole face. Massage the pimples areas with the cream for 1 minute. Massage no pimples areas for 5 seconds.

4 - Night massage your whole face with Purifying Cleanser for 5 seconds. Leave it on your face for 5 minutes like doing masks. Then wash it away with water. Then do step 2 and 3.

Please continues following above 4 steps for a week, u will see wonderful result in a week. Do not mix with other products within the week, because other products might spoil the effect of Caroline products end up u can’t see any result. Good luck and wish u have pimples free, better and smoothen skin after a week.



Refining Trial Set (10g 2in1 Purifying Cleanser + 3g refining Cream) *Please contact me for the products price*

It is 1 week usage only.

Repair Trial Set (10g 2in1 Purifying Cleanser + 3g Repair Cream) *Please contact me for latest price*

It is 1 week usage only.

Before and after pictures :

Other Caroline products :
1) for Oily and Acne Problem Skin
2) for Normal to Dry Skin
3) for Sensitive Skin
4) for Additional
5) for Whitening
6) for Anti-aging
7) for Treatment
8) for Mask

Postage fee :
West Malaysia = RM5
Sabah / Sarawak = RM10
Total money that you need to pay = Product price + Postage fee.

Make Payment :
1) If you want to COD, you can meet me at Aeon Mall which is Oposite Tesco Alma at Bukit Mertajam for free of charge. Or pay me rm7 car petrol if you want to meet me at Auto City Penang.

2) Or you can bank in money to my bank account, then sms me (016-4833944) or email ( to tell me that you already paid money to buy what product, your name, phone number and house address. My Bank Account Information:
Maybank Account Number : 107126074177
Name: Ang Eng Keat

CIMB Bank Account Number : 07350013857526
Name : Ang Eng Keat
Email :

3) Or you can use Paypal transfer money to me, you need to extra pay RM5 to me if you want to use Paypal transfer money to me because Paypal will charge me RM5 fee. My Paypal email address is and my Paypal name is Zac Ang Eng Keat.

Delivery :
I will post the product to your house address on the same day if I receive your payment before 3p.m, then next day or next next day you will receive it. I will use Kangaroo for West Malaysia, Post Laju for Sabah/Sarawak.

Ps : I'm a trusted seller, you can see I have received many positive comments from the buyers at

Best Regard,
Name : Zac Ang
Email Address :
Phone / whatsapp / viber / talkbox : 016-4833944
Facebook :
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Business Website :

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