Forex Support And Resistance EA for free download

Monday, November 15, 2021
Support And Resistance EA

You may use the Support and Resistance Indicator without EA to ease your trading.

Support Resistance has 4 types :
1) Weak.
2) untested.
3) Verified.
4) Proven.

This EA open trade at untested Support and Resistant.
this EA won't open trade on Weak, Verified, Proven SR.

You may ask me customize this EA to fit your trading style.

Download Ea file and indicators files link at :
Installation setup instruction steps video at :

mql4 tutorial

Thursday, October 21, 2021
Check active order previous buy entry price is far enough from current entry then only open a new buy order :
To get highest price datetime :
To put TP on Order :
Modify TP :
Open a buy limit sell limit order:
Do something only if order is opened successfully?
How to Substract 1 day? How to compare 2 dates?
Get previous buy and sell order lot size :

Cannot connect Wifi / Wifi is disabled by windows mobility center

Thursday, October 14, 2021
There are 5 solutions :
1) Go to Network & Internet Setting > Airplane Mode > Slide on the "WI-FI". If cannot slide on, then :

2) You need to press the "wifi" switch button on keyboard, if there is no wifi button on keyboard, then you need to download software to switch Wifi on. Go to your laptop brand website download Network Connection manager. Example if HP brand, then go download HP Connection Manager. Open it > Preference > Device Power > Check both option as picture below :

3)After Done Step 2, then restart computer. Then try to do step 1 again, hope success slide on on "WI-FI" for this time. If cannot slide on, then :

4) Window Search and open "Windows Mobilility Center" > swith on WIFI.

The Best Forex EA year 2021

Sunday, October 03, 2021

How to change theme design template for existing php website?

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Steps :
1) Upload new design template folder and file to hosting/server.
- Do NOT overwrite existing folder, just upload the new file to existing folder.
- If same name file, then rename old file by adding -old behind.

2) Test upload and open a html front page see if all image, design no missing and right click select "inspect" in chrome to check console got error.

3) (Please DON'T do this step 3, i show step 3 is just because worry you forget and stupid doing step 3).
Move files to deeper folder Eg. FROM :

4) After move file at step 3, if u can't browse the page, solution is at step 5.

5) Solution for step 4 is You need to do 3 things :
a) rename file extension from .html to .php
b) Controller/Hungry create function contactus(){ to load the view from the new file contactus.php
c) config/route.php add $route['contactus'] = "hungry/contactus";

6) Focus on edit homepage now. Clone new design index.html file and rename 1 to menu-2.php and upload it to server.

7) at Controller/Hungry.php edit function menu() load view to menu-2.php (comment out the original load view code)

8) Replace the new design content to real content. Eg, username, sidebar menu, wallet name and amount.

Bug : Bootstrap Modal cannot close.
make sure dont have repeating the same id of div in two files :
1) modal_view_tree_member_data.php
2) dashboard.php
Then if using bootstrap v5 instead of v4, solution :

Bug : Boostrap 5 Modal cannot open.
Solution : Change data-toggle="modal" data-target="#lostpassword" TO :
data-bs-toggle="modal" data-bs-target="#lostpassword"

Cannot find jquery function or javascript function is from which .js file?
Solution : right click the webpage, select "Page Source", then click each .js link to open it. Then press CTRL + F to find the keyword.

Bhojon Modification Documentation

Thursday, September 09, 2021
1) Add new line codes in .htaccess file :
2) Edit the link url on .htaccess file.

Home page keep jump to admin login page problem :
3) Login to Admin panel > Web Setting > Common Setting > Website On > Save.

4) Add Food Category with picture from Admin panel.

5) Add Food with picture from Admin panel.

6) Add Food Variant from Admin panel.

7) Add /** Zac Edit Start Here **/ CSS code to

8) Copy paste all code in

9) Copy paste all code in

10) Copy paste all code in

11) Add banner from Admin panel.

12) Upload Footer Menu image at

13) To modify url login to admin-login :
14) Import database tbl language from id 1805 (restaurant). Steps :
select records from id 1805 onward > Export > Custom > Only Data (No need change Rows numbers field)

15) Add Cash Wallet and Point Wallet into Table Payment_Method.

16) import tbl_ewallet from previous project.

17) Move php function from old project library/common.php to new project library/common.php
Previous project code : $query=$this->CI->db->query($q);
Solution : Remove "CI"
on Controller/Xxxx.php add $this->load->library('Common');

18) Add Wallet to Admin manage_member page :
19) Copy paste constant.php from old to new project.

20) fix admin sidebar is not active on admin manual credit member wallet page by javascript:

21) If 403 error or ajax error, then go to config.php turn false ALL $config['csrf_protection'] = FALSE;

22) agent1 stuck at login page, so go to application/modules/setting/controllers/Language.php
23)Add this sql to database :

24) Create sidebar menu : cash_wallet_report and point_wallet_report at : application/modules/template/views/includes/sidebar.php
if not show label of the sidebar menu, then add in tbl_language as point (23)

25) replace login.php to admin-login.php at : application/modules/setting/controllers/Setting.php

26) add the following code to : application/modules/report/controllers/Reports.php
27) Copy 2 functions report_wallets() and report_wallets_ajax from old project application/controllers/secure/Transaction_report.php to new project application/modules/report/controllers/Reports.php

28) Copy paste php file from old project to new project application/modules/report/views/report_wallets.php

29) Add point to food variant table by sql :
30) Add point label to Language table by sql :
31) search keyword "price" and add "point" below it for 3 pages :
a) application/modules/itemmanage/controllers/Item_food.php
b) application/modules/itemmanage/views/varientlist.php
c) application/modules/itemmanage/views/varientedit.php

32) add lable cash wallet and point wallet to table Language by sql :
33) Copy paste the following code from old project controller/Dashboard.php to new project controller/Hungry.php
34) Copy paste the following 4 functions from old projects Controller/Wallets.php to new project controller/Hungry.php :
a) function cash_wallet()
b) function cash_wallet_ajax()
c) function coin_wallet()
d) function coin_wallet_ajax()

35) add "public" before "function" at point (34) a,b,c,d.

36) find keyword "$this->session->userdata('WDW_MEMBER_LOGIN_ID')" and replace it with $islogin and add declaration : $islogin = $this->session->userdata('CusUserID');

38) find keyword "coin" replace it to "Point".

39) upload Datapicker folder from old project assets/admin/js/plugins/datapicker

40) I have delete 90% codes at application/views/themes/defaults/cartitem.php
So if found any bug on shopping cart, then have to copy paste the code back from AND
function addtocartitem(pid, id, type) at application/views/themes/defaults/assets_web/js/default_theme.js

Laravel Tutorial

Sunday, September 05, 2021
If have problem, besides google search, u may search in laravel documentation :

Bhojon CodeIgniter Tutorial

Friday, August 27, 2021
If logs folder don't show error file :
Go to config.php edit :
To modify url login to admin-login :
Edit CSS at :
application/views/themes/defaults/assets_web/css/style.css but better edit in custom.css because when update version, style.css will be replaced by new file.

Edit languages at :
database table language

Common.php file contain all common functions is at :

Home page controller/Home.php is at :

Edit header and footer is at :

Syntac replacement :
$data['form_data']= $this->common->getAllRec("*","tbl_manage_announcement","WHERE status = 1 Order By id DESC");
$data['paymentinfo'] = $this->hungry_model->read_all('*', 'payment_method', 'payment_method_id', '', 'is_active', '1');

Exception: Call to a member function query() on null
Previous project code : $query=$this->CI->db->query($q);
Solution : Remove "CI"

How to call function from controller to view page?

Admin header, sidebar, footer is at :
1) application/modules/template/views/includes/header.php
2) application/modules/template/views/layout.php
3) At Controllers/Xxx.php file replace :
Admin sidebar is not active, go to application/modules/template/views/includes/sidebar.php :

If css disappear, then go to contoller file edit :

If admin-agent cannot login, go to admin panel > user > edit user > uncheck "Is Monitor Display".

If side bar menu is not show, then add in tbl_language.

If 500 error or Call to a member function getAllRec() on null, meaning cannot read Common.php file, so add the following code to the controller file :
How to move Controller file from old project to new project?
1) Copy paste the following 4 functions from old projects Controller/Wallets.php to new project controller/Hungry.php :
a) function cash_wallet()
b) function cash_wallet_ajax()
c) function coin_wallet()
d) function coin_wallet_ajax()

2) add "public" before "function" at point (34) a,b,c,d.

3) find keyword "$this->session->userdata('WDW_MEMBER_LOGIN_ID')" and replace it with $islogin and add declaration : $islogin = $this->session->userdata('CusUserID');

How to move View file from old project to new project? 7 steps :
1) Copy paste entire code from old project file to new project file.
2) Delete all codes above the following code line :

3) make sure close div is the same number as open div (tips : just count vertical line from left side). Delete all extra div close at bottom

4) Visit member site to find out which page is the same template u want to copy (want side menu?), if want side menu then may copy my_profile page template. Copy all div class from there.

5) Find keyword "member/" and replace it with correct file path, eg :
6) application/config/routes.php add :
7) include datatable css and javascript to application/modules/template/views/includes/head.php :
TypeError: $(...).DataTable is not a function , solution :
There could be 3 reasons for this error :
1) jQuery DataTables library is missing.
2) jQuery library is loaded after jQuery DataTables.
3) Multiple versions of jQuery library is loaded.
SOLUTION at point (7) above.

Those errors are because you didn't include inc_footer.php :
1) checkboxlist_all_new error
2) status active inactive toogle error
3) change_status error
4) delete_all error

Cannot upload photo / payment resit
error --> Exception: Call to a member function initialize()
Solution is to load "upload" library at Config/autoload.php OR put the following code on the error page :

can't submit form on bootstrap popup model, so must use javascript to submit form:
How to copy paste library/Common_model.php from old project to new project?
Solution : copy the inside codes functions from old Common_model.php to new Hungry_model.php

Error :
1) 500
2) Unable to load the requested file: member/inc_footer.php
3) The path to the image is not correct.
4) Your server does not support the GD function required to process this type of image.
Solution :
How to apply jquery function from old project form to new project form?
500 ERROR might because database query syntac error, or wrong field name in database.

Cannot find jquery function or javascript function is from which .js file?
Solution : right click the webpage, select "Page Source", then click each .js link to open it. Then press CTRL + F to find the keyword.

javascript function addonsitem() and addtocartitem() is at application/views/themes/defaults/assets_web/js/default_theme.js

$this->session->set_flashdata not showing. Solution : Add the following code inside div id="content"
Book table check available codes at : application/models/Hungry_model.php
function checkavailtable()

table reservation flow :
reservation-2.php > hungry/reservation > hungry/checkavailablity > checkavail.php > default_theme.js/editreserveinfo() > hungry/reservationform > reservationform.php > hungry_model/checktable()/checkfree()/checkavailtable

Dont know which file to edit for Cart? cart->update() /cart->contents()?
cart is class of Codeignitor, so you won't fine cart function. All variable save in array pass through jquery. So you just need to trace from menu-2.php form > jquery call php function in Hungry.php > view form...

shopping cart function related files :

Tonsil / Tonsilla swell and pain home remedies

Sunday, August 22, 2021
Steps to cure tonsil pain at home :
1) Keep drinking water so that tonsil is not dry. Tonsil will recovery fast if it is always mois by water.

2) Brush when wake up and before sleep.

3) When sleeping, side sleep, let tonsil pain side at downside, so that all saliva fall to tonsil. Saliva mois the tonsil because tonsil need to be mois only will recovery faster.

4) Try to sleep before 10pm to 2am (because this 4 hours is the most healing time for body tisue).

5) use air humidifier because when u breath in the air full of mois keep tonsil mois can recovery fast.

php array tutorial

Monday, July 26, 2021
php for loop add value into multidimensional array


Web App PWA for Codeigniter

Wednesday, May 05, 2021
Step 1 : Your website must be running on a secure domain (https).

Step 2 : Use to generate all the necessary icons that will be used on different mobile devices, this platform will also generate the manifest.json file that you will need later.

Step 3 : Upload all icons and manifest.json from Step 2 above to file path assets/admin/images

Step 4 : Edit manifest.json file become look like :

Step 5 : Application/Views/secure/inc_header.php file add the following code that generated from Step 2 just now :

Step 6 : Download upup.min.js file from

Step 7 : Upload upup.min.js and upup.sw.min.js files to folder directory assets/admin/js.

Step 8 : Edit upup.sw.min.js file, press control + F find keyword "sourceMappingURL". Edit it become //# sourceMappingURL=/assets/admin/js/

Step 9 : Edit upup.min.js file, press control + F find keyword "sourceMappingURL". Edit it become //# sourceMappingURL=/assets/admin/js/

Step 10 : Edit upup.min.js file, press control + F find keyword "service-worker-url". Edit it become service-worker-url":"/assets/admin/js/upup.sw.min.js

Step 10 : Application/Views/secure/inc_footer.php add the following code :

Step 11 : Edit the php page that you want PWA open at first page. (For example, My case Application/Views/Secure/track_wk.php) add the following code

Step 12 : Check if any bug by using the following 2 difference methods :
a) google chrome browser open your website and right click on page and select "Inspect". Then follow instruction on the screenshot below :

b) Using google chrome browser plugin "Lighthouse" or 3rd party website "WebPagetest Lighthouse Test" to check if any bug or error :

Creating Track page for WL and ZC

Tuesday, May 04, 2021
Controller folder has 2 pages :
1) Track_wl.php
2) Trac_wl_hist.php

View folder has 2 pages :
1) track_wl.php
2) trac_wl_hist.php
2) trac_wl_add.php

asset/js folder has bootstrap-fullscreen-select.min.js
secure/inc_footer.php has :

asset/css folder has bootstrap-fullscreen-select.css
secure/inc_header.php has :

application/libaray/commond.php file has the code :

Generate QR code with Codeigniter

Sunday, April 04, 2021
Database add a new field "qr_exist" tynyint(1) in tbl_user_master. (1 mean already got QR code).

Then upload "phpqrcode" zip file to Controller folder and extract the zip file.
Note : this "phpqrcode" folder must saved in the same directory as your code file.

Then add this code at top of page :

Then add this code to create QR code image :

Then show QR code image by code below :

jquery check input empty before submit

Sunday, February 07, 2021
use .each instead of foreach loop.

body, html { overflow-x:hidden; } break smooth scrolling

Wednesday, February 03, 2021
simple solution :
Put overflow-x:hidden; on DIV instead of body and html.

First copy paste the following code to your css file to find out which DIV causing the problem :

Then put overflow-x:hidden; on the DIV class, example :

CodeIgniter Multi Vendor Ecommerce

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Edit Home page products lists : application/libraries/Loop.php

language translate : application/language/english/site_lang.php

Change currency : config.php

To edit Steps / stages / helps / info : purchase_steps_helper.php in Helpers folder.

The best Forex EA Robot in year 2021

Thursday, December 24, 2020

This is the most safer Forex EA Robot.
I have backtest this EA for 16 years from 2004 to 2020. Never burn account.

It is fully automatic trading by EA robot, you don't have to manually monitor. You don't need to do anything.

Against Trend EA will burn account if the price go 1 direction very far as picture below :

So this EA added the following 7 conditions to prevent account burn :

This following video explain how to install this EA :

Suggest you use Cent account :

The following video explain this EA Strategy :

How to make passive income in year 2021

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
How to make passive income within 10 minutes? Install robot working 24 hours for you.

This video explain the following topics :

How to earn passive income from home?

How to install Forex MT4 and EA to computer and mobile phone?

How to withdraw profit from MT4 account to your bank account?


I will gift away the best EA on market to you for FREE. Steps :

1) Like my video.

2) Subscribe my channel.

3) Register free MT4 account from my FBS affiliate link at

4) Leave a comment "I have done the 4 things, please send me your Version-2 E.A (your email address).

Then I will email you the "HighSellLowBuy-V2" EA file.


FBS MT4 broker :

1) Legit with International License

2) Low spread,

3) No commission charged,

4) No swap fee,

5) Cent Account (USD20 = USD2000)

6) Leverage 1:1000

My FBS affiliate link


My other video explain how did I build this E.A and how does this E.A prevent loss money in Forex market :


Any question? you may email me at

How to fixed Miliris Action Lag / slow / frame drop?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Miliris Action Lag / slow / frame drop?

Solution : Go to Miliris Video Setting > Video Framerate > Select VFR.

But VFR makes Adobe After Effect cannot sync video with audio, mean audio is slower than video, so you need to download handbrake to convert video from VFR to Fixed 60 FPS.


Miliris record video color keep changing problem.
Solution : set video size to 1080 or 2160

Music Player With Local Editable Lyric

Friday, July 10, 2020
Steps :
1) Download and install Winamp Music Player.
2) Download and install MiniLyrics.
3) Open MiniLyrics to install it onto Winamp.
4) Add a song into Winamp and play it.
5) On MiniLyrics, click View > Lyric Editor. Type in the following sentence :
[00:00.01]Did you try any Expert Advisor and it burn your account?
[00:00.01]I'm here to prove all EA on the market will burn your account.

6) File > Save Lyric As.
7) On MiniLyrics, click View > Floating Lyric.
8) Right click on any part in Floating Lyric > Display Option > select "Movie Subtitle" at the last bottom "Lyrics display style" section.
9) Close Floating Lyric by right click it and close it.


Friday, July 03, 2020
壬日主生 寅月 庚子 时 壬为阳水,生于寅提,木旺火相,时逢庚子,庚为生身之印,子为帮身之刃,此犹春冰解冻,化作巨流,虽有寅木泄水,力尚不够,必也,寅中戊土当头,始成贵格,倘再见丙,旣贵且富矣。
壬日主生 寅月 辛丑 时 壬水生临寅月,寅为壬之病地,得时干辛金生之,气势转强,时临丑土,在此际不关痛痒,因丑位北方,性为湿土,初春寒气未除,难起化学作用,最好寅中丙戊并透,不失为优越之造。
壬日主生 寅月 壬寅 时 壬水遇寅月寅时,食神盗气甚深,喜有时上比肩助之,但壬水既病于寅,则两壬不及两寅之强,还须比劫帮扶,庶可均衡局势,惟若以寅为用,则阳金忌见,阴金无妨。
壬日主生 寅月 癸卯 时 壬生寅月,木旺司权,又遇卯时,泄而又泄,所以时干癸火,喜得帮身也,但因衰病之壬癸,虽胜当旺之寅卯,犹病母之临盆,非大补不为功,所以阳水生扶,诚必要耳。
壬日主生 寅月 甲辰 时 寅月壬水,寅中甲木,得透时干,食神得禄,木愈秀而水愈衰,是宜干见金,俾其泄土制木,并生起壬水,惟庚申阳金,不及辛酉阴金,恐损食神故也。
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壬日主生 卯月 甲辰 时 壬日卯月,伤官泄气,何堪时又甲辰,卯辰会东方,甲木乘旺于卯,几乎全盘皆木,然若四柱无金与火土,则为从儿贵格,倘有一点火土,参杂其间,则须庚申之阳金,削木生水,方是有病为贵之造。
壬日主生 卯月 乙巳 时 壬水生卯月,卯中一木,透出时干,伤官得禄,时支巳火,虽为财贵,奈身主不能胜任,最好巳中之庚出干,不但壬水绝处逢生,且乙庚相合,以阻其泄壬之气矣,木亦不宜。
壬日主生 卯月 丙午 时 仲春卯月,木旺火相,此时之壬,当然失令,时遇丙午,偏财任旺,致无根之水,祇有弃命从财,但必年月皆火,更无一点土与晦火,方为真弃真从,否则须有大量之水帮扶,辅之以金,亦富豪之造。
壬日主生 卯月 丁未 时 壬日未时,月令在卯,卯未会局,时干透丁,丁与壬合,是乃化木格,惟余柱祇可见木,方为真化,否则须赖金以生之,水以扶之,始克用取伤官生财,然弗论从化或用伤财,官杀之土,终忌见也。
壬日主生 卯月 戊申 时 壬生仲春,卯木伤官相泄,时临申位,长生相资,申金又承戊土生之,以成偏官偏印之格,盖戊有卯制,七杀有制为偏官也,其它干支,如见木火,则以金水配之,更为美满矣。
壬日主生 卯月 己酉 时 壬水泄于月令之卯,生于时元之酉,一泄一生,虽逢冲而铢两相称,己土官透,生其所坐之酉,再受卯木威胁,可置官星于不论,即使柱有火土,仍以印缓之金,为命之精华也。
壬日主生 卯月 庚戌 时 壬水命元,时临火库之戌,月在火相之卯,卯戌六合,纵有庚金,亦遭火煏,减弱生水之力矣,不宜木火,固不待论,惟土则畏戊之克壬,而喜己之生庚,宜辨别之。
壬日主生 卯月 辛亥 时 卯月死气之壬,而时遇辛亥,正印与日禄生扶,几有返弱为强之势,祇以亥卯会局,而此时辛值绝地,所以生扶之效用,几等于零,还宜再来金水,以振作辛壬之气,木火与土,愈少愈妙。
壬日主生 辰月 庚子 时 壬水生于辰月,厚土壅塞,而水不流畅,即是弱象,或谓壬乃大海,无身弱之说者,须知石烂海枯,海虽大而能枯,焉能必不谓弱哉,好在时逢庚子,庚之源,子之流,不啻昆仑,江河所从出,而汇于大海,返弱为强势将横决,必得一戊,作之堤防,乃以杀为用,刃杀相济之佳造也。
壬日主生 辰月 辛丑 时 辰月土旺,壬水休囚,再值丑时,虽丑辰皆湿土,亦足以制弱之壬,幸而时干辛透,印缓相生,使壬水有气,如年月再有一木疏土,尤为美满,如无木疏土,则须柱有庚申,以泄旺土,亦不得已而求其次之道也。
壬日主生 辰月 壬寅 时 辰月库中之壬,水源被旺土所塞,则时之寅,洵足以启其闭塞,使水流通,况又比肩助之,等于两汇交流乎,如再有金,水有所承,而土有所泄,斯更美矣,忌戊己而不忌木火。
壬日主生 辰月 癸卯 时 壬水日元,死于卯而墓于辰,今以辰月卯时,纵有癸水,补助力微,须赖金生,否则等于停留之死水矣,然若坐寅透甲,东方一片秀气锺之,其它不见一点土金,则取从儿格可也。
壬日主生 辰月 甲辰 时 壬值辰月辰时,旺土相克,杀重身轻,甲木透于时干,纵能克制旺土,但亦盗泄水气,犹欠十全,必也,柱中有金,则弱水可生,厚土以泄,甲木虽与对敌,但因三春之木,金所不能刬尽根株也。
壬日主生 辰月 乙巳 时 三月土旺之壬水,源流被塞,辰中藏乙,得露时干,可以疎水道而导海流,惜乎时临巳火,受乙木之生,而转生土,增厚土质,助虐为虑,所以最妙年日坐申,不但壬得长生,或见金透,旺土泄气,而又巳与申合,木为金制,火旣无所禀承,则太过之土,亦不获逞矣。
壬日主生 辰月 丙午 时 季春土旺用事,壬水生此,水为土掩,干涸可虞,岂宜再逢丙午纯火时元,以生旺土,茍再年月有土而无金水木,迫之弃命而从杀,反以火土为喜,水木为忌,如以辰月而不作从格论,则非大量金水生扶,定必真穷假富矣。
壬日主生 辰月 丁未 时 丁壬虽合,惜乎辰月土旺之时,虽曰木有余气,究竟合而不化,况又喂时,未土亦旺,故与上条丙午时理论相同,必须并见金水,则水有所生,土有所制,尤须水多于木,为先决条件。否则还是身弱。
壬日主生 辰月 戊申 时 壬水生辰提,辰中戊土出干,身衰杀旺,好在时落于申,为壬水之长生,辰与申又会局相助,格为杀印相生,而其身杀两强之妙,如再干头见申,直接制旺杀,更是十全,降格以求,则以庚易甲亦可。
壬日主生 辰月 己酉 时 辰月酉时,辰酉六合,土势从金,壬虽休囚,尚得生气,所惜时干己土,终觉赘疣,是宜以金泄之,或有乙木伤之,乃全中和之道,大怕见火,以及阳木,防火资土而甲与己同化耳。
壬日主生 辰月 庚戌 时 壬生于辰,乃少年不发库中人之象,时逢庚戌,辰戌相冲,所谓墓库逢冲必发,又有庚金,以为壬水之源,因是杀印相生格也,惟考时令,终觉土旺而杀重,所以火土为大忌,金水为喜神,佐以一点之木,则美不胜收矣。
壬日主生 辰月 辛亥 时 辰月库中之壬水,最喜辛金之透,俾衰水有所生,旺土因以泄,况又时临于亥,乃壬水日禄之乡,大可返弱为强,假杀为权矣,故金水不必再见矣,木火宜少,土则独戊一夔已足。
壬日主生 巳月 庚子 时 壬水生于巳月,火旺土相之时,故壬绝于巳,时遇庚子,巳中庚透,印值长生,壬水巳非无气,加以时临子水,为壬之旺卿,因而返弱为强,不忌巳中丙戊,但不可多见火土,若戊土独透,则木之制杀,为不可少矣。
壬日主生 巳月 辛丑 时 巳月火旺土相,壬水逢绝地,时临于丑,丑中辛金正印透出,巳可绝处逢生,况巳丑亦会局生壬乎,不忌戊土,以能生金之故,独忌丙火透干,盖与辛相合,定为失恃之儿,若见丁直接克辛,反不甚忌,因丁被壬合也。
壬日主生 巳月 壬寅 时 巳月壬日,时临寅,壬病于寅,绝于巳,即有时上比肩帮扶,亦无力量,必须巳中庚金出露为上,否则纵使年月比劫重重,亦犹一羣老弱残兵,不轻一击,此条关键,全在庚之有无,最忌土木。
壬日主生 巳月 癸卯 时 壬水生于初夏,火土旺相,时逢癸卯,卯木生起旺火,财多身弱,固喜金水生扶,但时干之癸,乃是阴水,同被木泄火煏,故与上条壬寅时理论相同,亦须有金,乃成贵格,不过透庚则忌丙,见辛总畏丁耳。
壬日主生 巳月 甲辰 时 火旺土相之巳月,再逢甲辰时元,甲虽疏土,亦虑其泄壬水,生旺火也,如余柱有火土,无金水,贫夭之命,盖辰为壬库,故不能从财杀,最喜大量之金水。
壬日主生 巳月 乙巳 时 壬水日元,生巳月巳时,两逢絶气,盖以乙木相泄,而生当旺之火,无根之水,亦惟弃命从财耳,如从财不能澈底,必也,年月透庚,支或逢申亥,成财命有气之造,富亦可期。
壬日主生 巳月 丙午 时 壬水生于孟夏,火气日进,水势临于垂絶之地,其所不絶如缕者,仅有巳中藏庚暗生,今以时为丙午,火旺已极,非得壬庚透而坐子申不可,否则金水亳无,祇有木火,是诚弃命从财,为入赘之齐髠。
壬日主生 巳月 丁未 时 丁与壬合,财来就我,时令旺火,故不化木,时值未土,质虽土而位于南,巳未拱午,财旺身衰,必须比刼之助,以分财力,而轻壬水责任,但比刧尚嫌无根,还要有金生水,始为贵耳。
壬日主生 巳月 戊申 时 壬水在巳月为絶地,遇申时为长生,是真生逢絶地矣,但戊土杀透,得禄于巳,纵巳申合,亦难使土之压力减低,必须生于庚年,则为辛月,金气生旺,或壬水自坐于子,方许威权盖世。
壬日主生 巳月 己酉 时 壬日酉时,正印生身,月令在巳,巳酉会局,己土虽制壬,然因生金之故,不致克壬太甚,所谓贪生忘克,由是以断,则财官未尝不可为用,切忌见木,不但生火制金,且官星亦被所伤矣。
壬日主生 巳月 庚戌 时 巳火月建,固是壬水絶地,然巳为庚金长生,庚透时干,壬水絶而复续矣,时元之戌,本质为克水之土,且是火库,于是火土凭生旺之势,以凌轹(ㄌㄧヽ)壬庚,因而财杀旺于日主,须年月曁日支,再得金金生扶,以平衡之。
壬日主生 巳月 辛亥 时 壬日而逢巳月亥时,亥为壬禄,遂与旺火相济,至云无根之水,不胜火力者,幸有时上辛金正印为之补救,故年月之间,不怕再见财官,壬日辛时,如遇丙年癸月,又年申日寅者,诚絶类离群矣。
壬日主生 午月 庚子 时 午月火盛已极,壬水当然力薄,但因时值庚子,有庚金母体相生,子水旺气为助,大可转弱为强,其余两干两支,但敎不全是火土,则壬水终有力量,以任财官或独戊透出,卽不见木,亦不妨矣。
壬日主生 午月 辛丑 时 壬水生于午月,火旺土相,时逢辛丑,丑虽克壬,然位北方,又是金库,丑中辛透,卽绶相资,抒配五行,具中和之槪,祇敎不犯丙丁,使辛金保全为第一义,其它如金水固喜,卽土木,亦未必为忌。
壬日主生 午月 壬寅 时 壬日壬时,比肩相助有情,时临于寅,食神盗气,与月令午火会局,颇具水火旣济之象,惟总喜金,则水有源,其余干支,有木火,亦须配以金水,否则便不平均,至于官杀之土,终于不见为妙,借曰不能,则应以印绶启承之。
壬日主生 午月 癸卯 时 午月之壬,水衰火盛,时逢癸卯,癸虽同类相扶,但卯木泄弱水而生旺火,究尚木火有余,壬癸不足,最好得见庚辛申酉,则壬癸有源,木火势抑,而平衡矣,大忌再逢火以克金,土以克水,木以生火。
壬日主生 午月 甲辰 时 壬生午月,正在火炽之候,时逢甲辰,甲木生火,午火生辰,无源之水,岂能调和,故宜年月金水生扶,倘柱中复有木火与土,则身弱可虑,决非奋发有为之辈。
壬日主生 午月 乙巳 时 巳时午月,再有乙木,生旺火,此时之壬,衰弱已极,全仗巳中一点庚金,为返魂之香,但庚藏不露,犹觉画饼充饥,必须出露干头,或日坐于申,方克以抑其有余,补其空虚。
壬日主生 午月 丙午 时 月午时午,卽无丙火透干,壬水已不能任受其财,何况时又见丙,祇有弃命从财,乃余柱反喜见木火而忌金水,如见土,便当从杀不从财,若欲有力任财,则惟有庚年壬月,地支再坐子申耳。
壬日主生 午月 丁未 时 火旺土相之午提,丁壬虽合不化木,丁禄于午,正财得禄,午与未合,南方之势连横,无根之壬,何能与火相济耶,柱中金水毫无,倘重见丙火,支坐寅戌,从财并无疑义,否则祇喜重重金水,亦有病得药之理也。
壬日主生 午月 戊申 时 壬日而值戊申时,杀印相生,但月令在午,为戊土之旺气,而申金虽系壬水长生,因受午火威胁,其生水之力以减,必须庚透干头,则庚禄居申,并泄戊土,而克和谐矣。
壬日主生 午月 己酉 时 午火月令,丁己同宫,时值己酉,己土得禄于午,生起坐下酉金,壬水日干,成为财官印生,但酉畏午之虎视,必须辛金出露,得禄于酉,印绶方能有力,如有得地通根之水,亦甚需宜。
壬日主生 午月 庚戌 时 时上庚金,生起日主壬水,但时临于戌土火库,与月提之午火会局,致庚金大受打击,除非地支见申,庶几庚金通根,再见一位癸水,以遏方张之焰,俾臻十全,木火与土,悬为厉禁可也。
壬日主生 午月 辛亥 时 亥时壬日,名曰日归时,再有辛金相生,虽在午月火炽,亦可胜任其财,壬水旣返弱为强,不畏天干有土,盖土生辛印也,木火亦所弗忌。
壬日主生 未月 庚子 时 壬水生于未月,未虽阴土,而性则燥,故喜时上庚金之生壬,时支子水之助壬也,金水旣盛,虽土旺而日元不弱,但总忌丙火太阳之热烈,与戊土之重压,如得木以疏旺土,如甲年必为辛月,虽地支有巳午,亦是秀发之命矣。
壬日主生 未月 辛丑 时 未月土旺,此时壬水,原赖金生,时为辛丑,丑未冲而土不壅塞,但较水势不盛,必可畅流无阻,而无黄河改道之弊矣,土去生金,则辛金母气亦健,不过三伏炎天,大忌丁火伤辛,卽午火亦忌,土旺且多,当然不喜再见,金土木三者平均,卽是佳命。
壬日主生 未月 壬寅 时 壬日而时又透壬,同气有情而得助,虽生土旺之未月,倘不致十分受窘,时落于寅,虽可疏土,然系丙戊之长生,所以天干不可再见丙戊为第一条件,年月能逢金以生之,并点缀少量之阴木阴火,卽是大用之造矣。
壬日主生 未月 癸卯 时 壬水生于季夏,土旺用事,水力不强,时逢癸卯,喜卯木之制土,且卯未之会局,又有癸水助之,则克水之土力以减,但夏令水易干涸,须再得金,以发其源,有金必贵,无金则庸,盖无疑义矣。
壬日主生 未月 甲辰 时 壬生未月,时落甲辰,土多且旺,甲木疏土之力不足,日主克泄交加,必须岁月之间,得金以泄旺土,生衰水,再见另木为补助,始是优等之造,火土之当忌,自在想象中矣。
壬日主生 未月 乙巳 时 季夏己土司权,壬水日元受其克制,则时上疎土之乙木,允为喜神,惜乎时临巳火,乙去生巳,巳来生土,致使助土之效能,多于克土之应用矣,最好巳中庚透,日坐申金,或为辛亥年命,不失中上之命格。
壬日主生 未月 丙午 时 壬水生于土旺用事之未提,再逢丙午财临旺地之时元,火土重重,使壬水大受威偪矣,补救之道,唯有庚壬俱透,而申亥在支,庶几势均力敌,否则财官旺而日主弱,再逢旺地必倾,若见子丑相冲,亦降格以求之意也。
壬日主生 未月 丁未 时 丁与壬合,化则为木,月建在未,须在土旺用事之前,方可言化,若已进土壬,支见两未,再有未中丁火,透而生土,财官太过,火土为病,水木为药,然卽水木出干,而壬尚无根,故尤以干支见金为要着也。
壬日主生 未月 戊申 时 土旺用事之时,而时干见戊,使未月之壬水,受制极深,幸也,时支为申,金以生水,壬得长生,不过尚嫌杀重,须得木以制杀,然有木又须水,因弱水畏木盗泄也,金如孟母之贤,火则助桀为虐。
壬日主生 未月 己酉 时 月令未中藏己,出露时干,虽阴土而嫌太过,喜得时临于酉,壬水得其相生,以成官印相生之格,然而尚嫌金少,须得辛金出干,则印绶得禄,水源不竭矣,切忌丁午二火,以伤其印,丙亦不宜,巳火无碍,以巳酉会局故也。
壬日主生 未月 庚戌 时 壬水生未月戌时,皆系燥土,受克甚重,所喜庚金枭印,透于时干,泄土生水,以庚为用,柱中如无木,则土总嫌厚,但有木而无水,则无根之木,易受庚金斵(ㄓㄨㄛˊ)丧,卽使水木并见,还要无火克庚,始臻上乘。
壬日主生 未月 辛亥 时 壬水得禄于亥,再有正印之辛,虽在土旺之未月,似可返弱为强,但因亥未会局,卽有制土之功,亦有泄水之累,区区辛金,力犹不足,还须支坐申酉,以助生机,苟能如是,则虽有火土出干,亦不为害矣。

Nitrile and Latex Glove in malaysia.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

- Made in Malaysia

- Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL

- Palm textured - AQL water leakage: 1.5

- Glove Weight: 5g to 6.5g - Glove Length: 240mm to 300mm

- Meet or exceed ASTM and EN glove standards

- Suitable for medical, cleanroom and general industrial applications

Produced from high-quality natural rubber to prevent contamination and protect against harmful substances; glove. Chlorinated surface for easy donning and superior elasticity for ease of use.

Malaysia glove size available for : XS, S, M, L, XL.

Video below shows our Malaysia factory producing nitrile gloves :

Video below shows we are delivery Glove Ready Stocks from Malaysia :

Video below shows our Ready Stocks of Glove in Malaysia :

Video below shows our glove factory in Malaysia :

The following PDF files shows how to grab ready stocks glove in Malaysia at this moment :


The disadvantage of buying cheaper price glove :
*** Quality is not guaranteed, you are wasting money to get a bad quality product.
*** Poor hygiene (recycled materials / second-hand gloves for resell).
*** The risk of disease transmission.
*** Easy to fall into the trap of scammer

Payment :
Bank TT = Buyer bear the risk.
Escrow and LC = Seller bear the risk (Many scam case happen when stocks delivered to buyer country and then the custom and shipping agent and buyer are working together to cheat the seller, causing the seller loss the stocks).

You as a buyer don't want to bear the risk for bank TT payment, because too many scammer out there.
We as seller don't want to bear the risk for Escrow and LC payment, because too many scammer out there.

So it is better we deal with COD. Meet up make payment on spot and get products on spot. After 1st few deal to gain the trust between us, then next order we use other easier payment method for more convenience.

Product :
Nitrile Glove and Latex Glove

Welcome enquiry for the price.

Please let us know your following order details :
Model : Nitrile or Latex ?
Qty box :
Ship to country :
Any delivery schedule :

We do sell many other personal protective products lists at

We do wholesale, agents, retail. Welcome for enquiry .

whatsapp : (Malaysia) 016-4833944 / email : / facebook :


Saturday, June 13, 2020
3 places to update rank: a) a user purchase package then update all uplines' rank b) admin generate bonus then update all users' rank all 1-star to 5-stars need inactive members from difference lines

invoice_pv VS pv_sub_total VS temporary_pv

invoice_pv (tbl_product_order) = to show pv on invoice (bonus wont calculate pv of package that allow for reselling, so although we show how much pv user get from invoice, he cannot get bonus from this invoice_pv)

temporary_pv (tbl_product_order) = store pv of package that allow for reselling.

pv_sub_total (tbl_cart) = store pv of the product and package that NOT allow reselling.

Example, When a user purchase Product A = 300pv and Package A 1000pv that allow resell by pin. So,
invoice_pv = 1300
temporary_pv = 1000
pv_sub_total = 300

If client request allow admin top up pv wallet, then you have 2 options :
option 1 (Easy) :
controllers/secure/manage_product_order page allow edit pv textbox.

Option 2 (Hard) :
u need to edit controllers/secure/manage_product_order, ctrl + f to find "PV credit wallet entry start", remove the comment out. Then do the following 3 things :
1) add pv wallet on admin manage member page.
2) add pv wallet on left menu on client site.
3) edit all bonuses base on pv wallet (tran_account = 9) instead of tbl_cart "pv_sub_total"

Note :
1)If new register acc didnt put any sponsor, then it will auto asign company user_id 141 as sponsor.

2)When a user purchase a package, but his upline didn't purchase package yet. So Direct Sponsor bonus is not yet payout. Admin need to click "Generate Direct Sponsor Bonus" everyday to check and apy DSB incase his upline already purchase new package on any day within 7 days.


update rank code structure for admin approve package :
step 1 : $this->common->update_memeber_ranks($order_data['user_id']) on Manage_product_order;
Step 2 : common.php > update_rank_LST
step 3 : common.php > directDownRank (I have edited logic here)


Todolist in future :
1) LST withdraw only can be done on 16 / 1 of month

2) fix hidden bug:
user can use this trick to redeem all register wallet.

company allow 1 ic register many acc? if yes he will register new acc with register wallet credit, then delete package, then reorder new package with register wallet credit, then delete package, then reorder new package with register wallet credit until redeem all register wallet.

if company not allow 1 ic register many acc, he also 1 ic keep doing this over and over again.

3) bfm delete package no need debit out coin
but lst delete package need to debit out coin.

4) prevent admin click 2 times approve package debit out cash wallet 2 times.

5) prevent admin click 2 times delete package credit into cash wallet 2 times.

6) upline can use register wallet to register 3 downlines at the same time, system MUST check if upline's register wallet is enough credit for the 3 new packages.

how to show code snippet in blogger or blogspot easily? Easy 1 step solution!

Thursday, June 11, 2020
You just need to wrap your codes within <textarea>

Example :

Demo :

Demo Link :

Stone of Coding

Thursday, June 11, 2020
If mysql use Group By, then only can select 1 row of record but u still want to select multiple record, then cannot use Group By. Solution :
Split Left Join query into two queries. Select first table then foreach loop select another table.
Example at Yxin project : controllers/member/Order.php

Cannot echo for debuging on common.php because it will show error "array or variable is not defined". Solution use if(!empty($data)) :

Cannot update records WHERE id In (12,32,47). Solution is either add quote for string or remove quote for number :

check carefully u are using getAllRec or getSelectedOneRow :
$childOfchildData = $this->getAllRec(
$childOfchildData = $this->getSelectedOneRow(

If using getAllRec, then u need foreach loop to echo db record.
If using getSelectedOneRow, then no need foreach loop.

What is correct syntax to add hour with php variable into date function in php?
Error : Cannot reinitialise DataTable.
Solution : Delete "datatable" class from div or table so that it won't auto apply datatable. Then manually apply datatable by jquery :

How to use Adobe Premiere Pro

Thursday, June 04, 2020
How to rotate video?

How to export with best quality?
answer : increase to 15 Target bitrate (MBPS), but it will render video become very slow like 2 hours. Not worth, better not using Premiere, better change to use After Effect.

Medical Goggles Anti Virus

Wednesday, June 03, 2020
Medical Goggles for sale in Malaysia.

Video explain Medical Goggles :

Video hows the comparison between Medical Goggles VS Industry Protective Gloves :

Tyvek Protective Coverall Suit anti-virus for sale in Malaysia

Sunday, May 24, 2020
Tyvek Protective Coverall Suit anti-virus for sale in Malaysia.

Video :

CPE Isolation Gown anti-virus for sale in Malaysia

Sunday, May 24, 2020
CPE Isolation Gown anti-virus for sale in Malaysia.

Video :

Face Shield anti-virus for sale in Malaysia

Sunday, May 24, 2020
Face Shield anti-virus for sale in Malaysia.

Video :

38gsm Disposable Protective Coverall Suit anti-virus for sale in Malaysia

Sunday, May 24, 2020
38gsm Disposable Protective Coverall Suit anti-virus for sale in Malaysia.

Video :

45gsm Proguard Coverall suit anti-virus for sale in Malaysia

Sunday, May 24, 2020
45gsm Proguard Coverall suit anti-virus for sale in Malaysia.

Video :

Yellow 30gsm Non Woven isolation Gown anti-virus for sale in Malaysia

Sunday, May 24, 2020
Yellow 30gsm Non Woven isolation Gown anti-virus for sale in Malaysia.

Video :

Malaysia Ready Stock.

Ship out within 1 day.

Zoom in the fabric. It is water waterproof.

Product :
Yellow 30gsm Non Woven isolation Gown anti-virus

Price :

Postage Fee :
West Malaysia = RM 8
Sabah / Sarawak = RM 13
USA = USD 12
All other international countries = USD 8

We do sell many other personal protective products lists at

More product detail at

We ship worldwide.

We do wholesale, agents, retail. Welcome for enquiry.

whatsapp : (Malaysia) 016-4833944 / email : / facebook :

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