Wah. RM0.10 cent * 2 for 30 time = rm51,000,000 (rm51 million!!).
RM0.20 x 2 x2 x2 x2 x2 ...(30 time) = rm51,000,000
open a calculator, then press 0.1 then press * then press digit 2   
then press the = button for 30 times (i mean keep pressing = for 30 times). then you got the answer! It is 51,000,000

Earn RM51 million per month! Who want?
Join member to Amway, it's free, then ask 2 frens to join under u. so every month they pay rm10 to buy Amway shampoo/soap, u can earn rm0.20

Then when the two frends ask another 2 of their own frens to join them, so under you got 6 people d, so you earn rm0.60 d.

Continue like this, if under you got 30 layers of people, then you can earn rm51 million per month. So cool.

Who want to earn RM51,000,000 per month? Just send me a comment to say that you want join me become my downline, then every month go Tesco buy Amway shampoo at RM10 to let me earn rm0.10 from you per month. Haha.

Do you know Amway got so many products now? It is like Sunshine and Tesco Gaint, sell so many things. Amway got soap, shampoo, vitamin, water bottle, comb, tooth brush. You can buy any of them but must make sure over RM10 so that I can earn your rm0.10.

I have google search see got bad comments of Amway products or not. I google search it for 6 hours! But cannot see a bad comment to amway products!! only can find many good comments there. Got a people said use Sun Silk shampoo wash your hair can cause hair fall, so you Amway shampoo is better, won't get hair fall.

The Amway people told me :

"The amway people told me when you are old, you still need to work. but if you join amway mlm, u still can get big salary per month when old without working, you can travel around the world that time."

Posted by Zac1987 on 23 November, 2009

1 Comment

  1. yansern Said,

    I don't like MLM.

    Posted on 12:39 PM, November 23, 2009


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