you don't know what is the power of networking that can help in all kind of business, all business also involve in selling products and service, no matter you are a lawyer, software enginer, doctor, businessman, you also need many customers to buy your products and service, then only you can make profits. You sure fail your business if you don't have thousand of potential customers/clients contact lists on your hand, because all the networkers can copy your products and services, then promote to their own potential leads in their network. So your competitors sure eat up your entire market, make you lose profits and cause you business fail.

Unless you telling me you don't plan to be a boss, you just want to be normal workers, like spending your whole day, month, year and life to work work work to earn money. There is different between work smart and work hard, your option is work hard, meaning you need to spend 30 years to work, then only can retire. All those networkers like infinity downlines members, they building their own potential customers/clients contact lists now. They just need to spend 2 years to work smart, then they can retire already. No need to work anymore after 2 years. See my blog about the different between work smart and and work hard >

In your mind, you are still stick with old thinking. The world is change, business model is change, all traditional model of business sure won't success if you are not a networker, unless you make your business become MLM or CDM model form and you need to depend on us since we all are pro networkers in future. Without us, your business will fail. If you want to learn how to success and how to build a new model of business, here is the info :"

if you want to create your own business in not MLM or CDM format, those rich networkers see your products or services is quite demanding for many people, they will copy your products and service, and then invite all the members in their network to buy the products and services, they 1st day already has 10,000 customers and after those 10,000 customers use the service and products, they happy and satisfy, then will promote to their friends. How about you? you 1 day only has 10 customers, how to fight with pro networkers like us? Sure you will fail in all business if you are not a networker and if your business is not MLM or CDM model!

Amway last time is MLM pyramid, Amway recently only change to CDM, Although Amway is CDM now, but their products price is still MLM marked up price, that's why their products are still expensive if compare to CDM company products. Even Amway is CDM, it is still a pyramid selling. Furthermore Herbal Life, Marry Kay, Easy Phamax all also still MLM direct sell, why they all are legal? So you said Pyramid Selling is illegal is wrong! If you don't believe, you google search what is different between MLM and Pyramid selling, there is no different between them, they just using products selling to hide their pyramid structure, they still pay commission base on pyramid structure.

Infinity Downline system is sure legal. Think yourself, if it is not legal, why until now still nobody being catch? Why until now still no people kena saman? Only those Chinese Politicians and anti-Infinity Downline people are not happy with Infinity Downline. They cannot do anything, what they can do is spoiling our market only. They cheat us that Police will take action, but it won't happen! Police will not take action because it is legal. Please don't follow their foolish.

Infinity Downline is not pyramid scheme. Let's say Peter sign up Michelle, then Michelle sign up Kenny. So Peter is on top level, Michelle is on middle level, Kenny is on bottom level. If Peter found 10 members, Michelle found 100 members, Kenny found 50 members, 2 of Michelle members moved up to give Peter, so Peter now has 12 members only, and Michelle still have 98 members. 2 members of Kenny also moved up to give Michelle, so Michelle has 100 members now, and Kenny has 48 members only now. So,
top level has 12 members
middle level has 100 members
bottom level has 48 members
So, how can this form a pyramid shape?
infinity downline is not pyramid scheme, it is legal

Infinity Downline is not a pyramid scheme. Infinity Downlines is just an affiliate program, you go see Nuffnang, Clickbuck, Commission Junction, Clickbank, Google Adsense, Associate Amazon, Bidvertiser. All are legal affiliate program, you dare to say google adsense is illegal? You are funny. They all affiliate program don't need license on the country, if the country is not legal to join this affiliate program, their website will block that country, that country cannot open that website anymore. Infinity Downlines didn't block Malaysia, because Malaysia is legal to play their affiliate program.

聪明的人看得懂,精明的人看得准,高明的人看得远。人生最重要的不是努力,不是奋斗,而是抉择。 生意,可以掌控努力与投资,却无法掌控结果。人生得意时找出路,失意时才有退路,宝马都有备胎,您的人生呢?所见所闻改变一生,不知不觉断送一生。学历代表过去,财力代表现在,学习力代表将来。下对注,赢一次;跟对人,赢一世。今天的优势会被明天的趋势代替,把握趋势,把握未来。人若把自己框在一定的范围内,就容易限制了自己的思维和格局。人生三阶段:比才华;比财力;比境界。没有目标的人永远为有目标的人去努力。学识不如知识,知识不如做事,做事不如做人。

Posted by Zac1987 on 05 July, 2010


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