11 October 2010 morning my dad asked me go to Lam Wah Ee hospital donate blood for my sister because my sister doesn't have enough blood to do operation. I very angry why don't they just do operation last night, they just let my sister's stomach keep bleeding until this morning then only go check what's wrong is my sister's stomach. I drove my car to hospital ask the nurse help me take out my blood for my sister. I walked to the blood storage department, and the nurse asked me to sign up a form. I was very scare since this is 1st time I donate my blood, and I hate injection!!! I am coward!!! I scare of pain!!! After fill up the form, she want to take out some of my blood for checking and testing purpose. I start shaking, very scary, haha. She ask me "Do you scare? I know you very scare because you are 1st time do it right?". I just smile and replied "Yes". Then she insert the needle into 1 of my very big nerve (my nerve is getting bigger since I do a lot of gym), I close my eyes and I feel few of pain only, I was so happy it is just few pain. Then I opened my eyes and saw there is a lot of my blood on the injector, wow. Then she took the blood into the room to check and test. I just sit on sofa to wait her. After 10 minutes, she came out and asked me go lying on the bed. She told me that my blood type is B, I asked her "Is it the same blood type as my sister?", she answered "no, it is not same, your sister's blood type is A, but you still can donate your blood to us for replacement". I guess what she mean is "you give me your A type blood, and I give B type blood for your sister with free of charge". I just did as what she ask, lying on bed, after 3 minutes, she took the tool come toward me. She said she is going to inject a pain release for me 1st, I said okay, I though it will be few pain only like just now, but after she insert the needle onto my nerve, OMG!!! It is so hurt!!! I though it is 100% pain already, but while she press the pain release liquid into my nerve, I feel 200% pain, very very pain until I shout, haha. She laugh at me =.=|||

Then she take out another needle and going insert the needle onto my nerve again to take out 450ml of blood, I look at the needle head is very huge!!! It is like 10x times larger than normal needle head!!! I said "OMG!!!", she look at me and said "Don't need to be afraid, it will not pain at all because I already inject the pain release just now, you don't look at it if you scare, I can 100% ensure you it will not pain." I replied "Okay". Then I just close my eyes, and see said okay already, wow!!! Totally no pain!!! Cool!!! Then she gave me a rubber ball and ask me hold the ball on my palm and keep pressing the ball for 15 minutes. After that, I saw the 450 ml pack is filled up my blood, then she took out the 10x larger needle head, it is not pain at all when she took out the needle, she put a cotton on my injury and ask me bend my arm and lying on bed rest for 10 minutes. Below is the injuries that cause by 3 shots!!! 1 is for blood testing purpose, another 1 is for pain release and the last 1 is for take out 450ml of blood which is the 10x times larger head of needle :

She gave me a booklet, ask me take the booklet to show the nurse if I want to donate blood again next time. She said I need to wait for at least 3 month then only can donate blood again. Below is the picture of the booklet :

After 10 minutes she put a plaster on my injury and asked me sit on sofa wait for sandwich and milo. After 10 minutes, the sandwich and milo is arrive and I just drank the milo and didn't eat the sandwich because I don't like to eat onion, then I go to visit my sister her room. My sister told me that the doctor is very stupid, double check and said that she got pregnant, and the fetus is move to a place that near her kidney area. Then my mom walked close to us, so cannot talk about this thing already. Her bf was sitting beside her, so I ask her bf come out to talk to me.

Her bf told me "She no longer need blood, the doctor is quite lame. She stop bleeding since this morning after an injection of antibiotic. The doctor said she don't need to do operation anymore, so don't need blood supply anymore. Just now the doctor said they misunderstanding about she need to do operation because they misunderstanding she is pregnant and the fetus is move to right side near kidney area, so need to do operation to move the fetus to the right place, then after they did 3rd check up, realize there is no fetus, no pregnant, there is some stones inside her kidney only, they need to check again later for confirmation." What kind of hospital is that, crazy =.=|||

After a week, Nam Wah Eee hospital send me my blood check result through a letter to my house. Picture below is my blood check result, I got HIV, OMG~ HAHA :

Picture below shows 1 of my Facebook friend's injury from donating blood, please compare it to my injury, that's why we need a professional nurse to do the job. LOL.

He said : "The nurse seem is 1st timer... poke in the needle then say cant find vessel... keep dig here dig there inside still cant found blood... Then a more experienced nurse come and poke in 1 time den found d... tat's y i gt 1 small hole but a big bleeding inside my hand. She insert the needle for about 6~7 times... and don't know at de which times, the pain release medicine effect was gone and i had to suffer pain~ is very pain...totally insane... xD till my hand cant even lift a spoon properly when having lunch after tat .... no energy at all".

Posted by Zac1987 on 11 October, 2010

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