Today I am so blur. I slept from 5.50a.m to 12.30p.m. Then I woke up and take the letter go to post office. Then when I was driving toward the post office, suddenly I remember I forget to write something on the letter, so I drove to Padang Tembak buy A4 paper, a pen and a chocolate cake to eat because I am hungry. I ate the cake inside my car. After finish eating, I took out the pen and get ready to start writing on the A4 paper inside my car, but I saw the car park guard walk coming toward me, I guess he want to give me parking ticket, I don't want to pay for the parking fee, so I just drove my car to post office, park inside the post office free of charge, haha. Then I took out the pen and start writing the A4 paper, after writing 3rd alphabet, the pen is running out of ink!!! I took out the ink and see, omg, it is empty!!! I was very regret on why I didn't test the pen before I bought it just now. Ish. Then I drove again to nearest mini market to buy another new pen. Picture below shows the two pens that I bought for today. RM1.50 pen is empty ink!!! Ish :

I parked my car in front of the mini market and start writing the A4 paper :
"Kepada : Dato' ABD Aziz Bin Yosof
Bolehkah anda bagi 50% discount kepada saman saya yang berharga RM200? Saya mengalami masalah kewangan sekarang, maka saya berharap beliau boleh bagi diskaun 50% kepada saman saya. Saya berjanji bahawa saya tidak akan melakukan kesalahan di jalan raya lagi.
Dari : Ang Eng Keat
If you are curious on why I write such letter, you visit my previous blog post about I got a summon at :
Then I put the letter inside the RM3 Post Express envelop that I bough from Post Office just now. Then I drove to go home. I receive 3 sms from my customers while I was driving home. 1 of them ask me sms my bank account number to him. After I parked my car at my home, suddenly I realize I didn't post the envelope to post office yet!!! OMG!!! I just walk into my house and open my website to copy my bank account number to sms the customer, then I took a photo on the Post Express envelop :

Then I drove to post office to put the Post Express envelop into the yellow box :

It was very hot, you can see my face expression that show I was suffering from the hot weather at post office there :

Then I drove to go home. Then I transfer my photos from my camera to my computer and blogging and eating my rice, it is around 2p.m already :

Now I am going to wash my hair, wash my face, bath and brush my teeth. Then I apply toner on my face, then apply whitening cream on my face then I apply Eyes Contour Gel on my eyes to cure the puffy and dark circle on my eyes. Picture below shows all my facial kits :

You can check out more information about my facial kits at :

Posted by Zac1987 on 21 October, 2010


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