Paypal exchange rm to usd = 3.257 rate, but exchange usd to rm = 3.055 rate only!!

Paypal charge 3.65% rate to ur customer when ur customer transfer money to u.

paypal charge 3.055% rate to u when u withdraw money, and Paypal also charge rm3 if withdraw less than rm400.

You exchange 3.257 rate to buy products and u sell at 3.055 rate to customers + u need to pay extra rm3... Can you see paypal company eat so much money?

There are some people willing to buy your Paypal credit with higher rate, I found 1 of them from

You might curious why people want to buy Paypal credit since Paypal credit is not worth in value. The answer is because some people doesn't has credit / debit card to top up credit into their Paypal account, so they willing to pay you cash and asking you transfer the credit from your Paypal account into their Paypal account.

I am not sure is it paypal set the currency rate or real market currency rate is rm to usd = 3.257 rate but usd to rm = 3.055 rate? Is it the real currency rate to exchange usd to rm is 3.055 only? Or this low rate is only happen in Paypal?

If you want to learn more about paypal, click Question 7 on this page :

Posted by Zac1987 on 03 December, 2011


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